Worst client ever?

Someone sent me this on facebook. In under 3 ½ minutes this animator hits on every way a child custody client can make an attorney miserable. Warning vulgar.

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  • When I saw this, I laughed so hard it hurt. I thought I was going to pass out. It is soooo true. I actually think they bugged my office for the recording.

  • I laughed so hard I cried! Thank you!

  • Terry

    This has been circled around the Charleston Family Court Bar and received with an overall acknowledgement of its truth!! I laughed with the head attorney at my office today about several clients whom, while not as extreme, have cases that mirror this parody!!

  • Linda

    You need to put a warning on this. Now I need to sue you for making my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. Truth is not a defense!

  • Kathy

    Hit EVERY single reason I’ve always refused to do family law – hysterical!

  • Pete DeLuca

    Had seen it several weeks ago and just let my paralegal read it yesterday. She’s still laughing while making out a list of our clients who are an exact match. Maybe we should forward to those humorless folks at Court Administration so they can see what we deal with week in and week out!!!

  • Lois

    Just had to post to FB – too funny to keep to ourselves! Thanks, Greg!

    • Taryn Rabin

      Lois, I don’t suppose you can still access this video from your Facebook and send it to me? It was circulated around the office years ago (we practice family law) and now the boss was asking about whether I could find it. Would be a thrill if you could!


      P.S., if easier, you could also send it to me via Messenger – https://www.facebook.com/taryn.rabin

      • I’ve been searching for it too. If you find a copy let me know.

  • I represented her in her TPR case…oops, did I just break privilege??

  • Sounds like she pays more than the State. Ill take her. JUST KIDDING! Exactly why I don’t practice family law unless appointed to work for free (And the burden is the same). Ill stick to trying cases based on something more than dueling affidavits.

  • This has quickly become my go-to-video for days when I think I have it bad. I watch this and remember how bad it really can get!

    Thanks for being brave enough to share, but I agree that a warning is probably necessary — both for language and the injury-inducing laugh factor.

  • David Wilson

    If only they would tell you that they are crack whores in the initial meeting! I usually find out when I see the photos during the temporary hearing. She forgot to mention that she has already had 3 lawyers.

    I have never responded to a blog but I was crying my eyes out.

  • That is the funniest (and sadly, the most accurate) depiction of working in family law that I have ever seen.

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