Maybe they’re twitterpated?

It seems like every few months another Congressman gets embarrassed for twittering a sexually explicit photo to some woman he’s not married to.  E.g., Representative Anthony D. Weiner

As a long-time fan of Disney animation, I suggest we revive the term twitterpated.  Watch this scene from Bambi (especially Thumper at 1:29) and tell me old Walt wasn’t psychic (or, at least, seventy years ahead of the times):

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  • Ruth

    I know you love Disneyland, Disneyworld, animatiion and you have an excellent memory for pop culture detail, but did you really remember the term twitterpated?

    • Yes. In fact I was discussing the term twitterpated at a cocktail party on June 3rd, before Anthony Weiner admitted it was him tweeting.

  • lol Twitter has got to be killing other social media sites

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