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(Im)perfectly P!nk

I consider myself lucky to have seen P!nk for the second time last month in Charlotte, this time from the center of the VIP mosh pit.  Since P!nk is such a dynamic, acrobatic performer, as well as an incredible singer, being in the midst of her show was overwhelming.  But one reason I’ve been a […]

Hawkins affirms denial of child support reduction to downsized, underemployed father

The April 17, 2013 Court of Appeals opinion in Hawkins v. Hawkins, 403 S.C. 228, 742 S.E.2d 677 (Ct. App. 2013) demonstrates the continued reluctance of the family courts to reduce child support obligations for downsized non-custodial parents. In Hawkins, the parties’ divorce decree specifically allowed child support to be recalculated pursuant to the South Carolina Child Support […]

Pre-trial order settling “personal property” precludes equitable distribution of retirement accounts

I’ve had a few cases in which the issue of what constitutes “personal property” has been the subject of debate.  The understanding of the typical litigant is that such property is the household furnishings–what a homeowner’s policy might consider “contents.”  However, from a purely legal standard, personal property is any property that isn’t real estate. […]


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