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Frequently Asked Question on organizing a family court file

Having had one more potential client show up today with a stack of disorganized paperwork, I finally decided to publish a memo I had drafted years ago: Suggestions for Organizing Family Court Files.  I hope it’s useful.

New and revised Frequently Asked Questions on Custody

New Frequently asked Question posted today: When Can a Non-Parent Obtain Custody from a Parent? Expanded the Frequently Asked Question: How is Child Custody Determined?

South Carolina Supreme Court holds that requiring parents subject to child support order, but not other parents, to contribute to their children’s college expenses violates equal protection

N.B.: On March 7, 2012, in McLeod v. Starnes, the South Carolina Supreme Court overruled Webb v. Sowell and the South Carolina Family Courts can again order unmarried or divorced parents to contribute college support for their children.  See A switch in justices revives previous South Carolina law on college support The April 19, 2010 Supreme Court decision in Webb […]

Shameless plug

Will Moredock, columnist for the Charleston City Paper has plugged my blog on the City Paper’s web site:  Gregory Forman – A Lawyer Who Understands More Than Law.  Thanks Will!

When your divorce lawyer’s results leave you vaguely unsatisfied

Found this on a recent vacation at a Voodoo shop in New Orleans.  Over the years I have had more than one divorcing client who would appreciate it:

New Frequently Asked Question on Relocation

It’s very basic but any attorney or parent seeking a simple explanation of South Carolina law on custodial parent relocation is directed to this new FAQ: How Does the Family Court Decide Whether to Allow a Custodial Parent to Relocate with the Children?

Court of Appeals clarifies what is proof of physical cruelty and what isn’t proof of adultery

I have had a number of cases in which a spouse (in my experience, always the husband) has destroyed the home phone in the midst of a domestic altercation.  Whether my client was the perpetrator or the victim of the phone destruction I have always taken this action to be of great significance: seeing it […]


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