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“Mr. Forman’s strength lies in his courtroom, vast experience, and legal writing. I was in a huge mess when I first came to see Mr. Forman and he really helped turn my life around in a positive direction. Mr. Forman also has over 23 years experience in divorce law and knows all the judges and with extensive appellate experience you can’t go wrong with this guy. He is a heavy hitter and worth every cent I paid and more. ” – Ted S.


“Greg is an EXCELLENT Attorney! Very professional, forthright, communicative and really takes an interest in your case. He kept me abreast at all times and was well worth his rates. I would highly recommend him and will use him again if needed.” – Teresa F.


“Greg represented me in my child custody case – his counsel was stellar and the outcome was extremely favorable. As one can imagine a child custody case can be stressful, emotionally challenging, and financially draining but Greg kept my costs down significantly, prepared me for what to expect all along the way so there were no surprises, and helped keep me in check when tensions would rise between my ex and I. I could not have gotten through such a challenging time of my life without receiving the level of representation he was able to provide. I would recommend Greg to anyone going through divorce, a custody case, or complex family court issues.” – Natalie


“I hired Mr. Forman to modify my child support. Mr. Forman is the best lawyer I have ever had. I wish I would have know about him when I first filed for a divorce. Mr. Forman is very direct, to the point, and did not waste mine or my family’s money. His knowledge of the law and service he provides is invaluable. I would highly recommend Gregory Forman to anyone that needs a family court lawyer, is going through a divorce, or has child support.” – Robert


“I went with another attorney in my first custody/child support case and had a horrible outcome. I then went to talk to Greg Forman and he took my case, explained the fees, the timeline and steps very clearly. He worked quickly and was very responsive to every question. Usually getting back to me with a couple hours. He was true advocate for me and got us the outcome we wanted all along. His prices were fair and I knew what I was billed for every step of the way. Mr. Forman also did not look to nickel and dime me. In the end he was much less expensive than my first lawyer. Hopefully I never have to use Mr. Forman again but if I needed a lawyer, I would not hesitate to use Mr. Forman.” – Ken


“I hired Greg four years ago when I was going through my divorce and it was the best decision that I could’ve made at that time. His technical expertise and litigation strategy are unparalleled and if I ever needed to contact him for advice, he always responded very promptly, usually within minutes. Even when I had concurrent litigation in multiple states, he provided important insight and advice to my other attorney. He has my utmost respect and recommendation.” – Kevin


“ I can say that without Greg’s assistance I would not be able to sit here today saying that I now have true 50/50 custody of my daughter. He was also able to get me back a good portion of the money I had to spend for my custody case and GAL fees. If you want the best, hire the best! I am glad that I wasn’t on the receiving end of having to go against Greg in court. He is a beast in the courtroom! He made me want to be a lawyer after seeing how he rebutted things and defended me. I can truly say every dollar I spent was worth it because of his service. I would highly recommend Greg to anyone that is looking for the best lawyer in Charleston, South Carolina!” – John B.


“Mr. Forman is an outstanding Family Law Lawyer. His skill and expertise are incomparable. He leaves no stone unturned and will seek out the absolute best resolution to your case. I consider Greg a friend and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer who is trustworthy and knowledgeable. He is the best.” – Louis

Additional testimonials may be found at Martindale Hubbell and AVVO.

Put Mr. Forman’s experience, knowledge, and dedication to your service for any of your South Carolina family law needs.

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