Court of Appeals issues opinion involving unusual three-way custody/visitation battle between non parents

August 19, 2020

The August 19, 2020 Court of Appeals opinion in Turner v. Thomas involved a highly unusual custody and visitation dispute between a Maternal Grandmother, a

South Carolina Court of Appeals issues unprecedented custody reversal

July 22, 2020

The July 22, 2020, opinion in Alukonis v. Smith creates new law on numerous issues regarding custody cases between parents and third-parties. Among the unprecedented

Buying the child(ren)’s time

February 21, 2020

There’s a never discussed but occasionally employed litigation strategy of using money to purchase time with (or limit an opposing party’s access to) children. Earlier

A second Court of Appeals panel finds family court cannot enforce custody issues decided by arbitration

December 19, 2019

Argued first but decided second, the December 18, 2019 Court of Appeals opinion in Singh v. Singh confirms what a November 6, 2019 Court of

South Carolina Court of Appeals holds arbitration orders regarding children’s issues are void ab initio

November 6, 2019

Many family law attorneys in the Charleston area were awaiting the Court of Appeals decision in Singh v. Singh, which was argued there this February.

Jurisdiction shopping while pregnant

November 3, 2019

I recently handled a marital dissolution case in which my client had hightailed it while pregnant to another state. Her husband’s motion for temporary relief

The guardian’s questionnaire is additional interrogatories

September 17, 2019

While not thought of as such, the guardian’s questionnaire is akin to additional (child-custody related) interrogatories. As an example, the current questionnaire of a local

The interaction of the De Facto Custodian statute and the Moore factors

June 13, 2019

There are numerous recurring issues in South Carolina family law that ultimately will need to be resolved by our appellate courts. One of the more