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Caught between Scylla and Charybdis

Two years ago, in  In the Matter of Anonymous Member of the South Carolina Bar, 392 S.C. 328, 709 S.E.2d 633 (2011), an attorney was issued a letter of caution for sending an uncivil email that she alleged was sent in response to numerous uncivil communications she had received from opposing counsel.  Since the ethics […]

Should “vile” blogging be a basis for lawyer discipline?

A news release posted yesterday on the South Carolina Judicial Department website links to a cover story in the ABA Journal, “You’re Out of Order! Dealing with the Costs of Incivility in the Legal Profession,” which profiles Lesley M. Coggiola, disciplinary counsel for the Supreme Court of South Carolina. In this article, Ms. Coggiola notes […]

Let the deluge begin

In 2003, the South Carolina Supreme Court amended the lawyer’s oath to include a vow of “civility” towards “opposing parties and their counsel.”  In 2004, the Supreme Court amended Rule 7 of the Rules for Lawyer Disciplinary Enforcement to make it a “ground for discipline” to “violate the oath of office taken to practice law in this state […]


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