Refiled Sellers opinion adds one footnote and one clarification

December 9, 2020

A refiled December 9, 2020 Court of Appeals opinion in Sellers v. Nicholls, 432 S.C. 101, 851 S.E.2d 54 (Ct. App. 2020), makes two minor

Litigating by day; fornicating by night

November 2, 2020

Early in my career there was a long-ago-retired, rural-county judge who admonished litigants violating the following rule that, “ya cain’t be LIT-I-GATE-in’ in the daytime

Out of control but not crazy

October 22, 2020

The October 21, 2020 South Carolina Court of Appeals opinion in Rogers v. Rogers, 432 S.C. 168, 851 S.E.2d 447 (Ct.App. 2020), partially answers the

Pet peeve: certificates of service in South Carolina trial courts

October 9, 2020

Can someone please explain why so many attorneys prepare, and often file, certificates of service in South Carolina trial courts? I assume it’s because they

Interrogatory answers need to be accurate, complete, and minimal

October 8, 2020

My standard procedure in answering interrogatories is to obtain an opposing party’s questions as a word document, cut and paste into my own responsive word

Expert testimony bolstering a child’s credibility is improper

October 6, 2020

Despite repeated opinions from the South Carolina appellate courts indicating that expert testimony bolstering a child’s credibility is verboten, it continues to happen. Perhaps this

Court of Appeals rejects father’s numerous challenges to custody and support modification decision

August 26, 2020

The August 26, 2020 Court of Appeals case of Whitesell v. Whitesell, 431 S.C. 575, 848 S.E.2d 588 (Ct.App. 2020), finds the Appellant making numerous

Court of Appeals affirms custody modification and continuance denial

August 7, 2020

This opinion was slightly revised on December 9, 2020: Refiled Sellers Opinion Adds One Footnote And One Clarification The August 5, 2020 Court of Appeals opinion in