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The men don’t know but the little girls understand[1] (or, I took my nine year old daughter to a rave and neither of us ended up regretting it)

A desire to participate in communal ecstatic experiences would appear to be an innate part of human existence.  Almost every culture in every time has had some version of this: generally involving music and dance–rhythm appears to be hardwired; often involving mass invocations of fealty to a deity or ideology; frequently involving a Dionysian use […]

Girl Talk coming to Gaillard Auditorium

While the earliest hip-hop was created by inner-city African Americans “rapping”over instrumental sections of LPs [remember them?] or cassette tapes, during the 1980’s use of such sampling became increasingly sophisticated and dense.  This trend reached an apex with two 1989 releases: De La Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising and the Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique. I […]


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