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Why teenagers lie to parents in high-conflict custody cases

In a number of my high-conflict custody cases, clients will complain about their teenagers suddenly being secretive, evasive, and, sometimes, downright dishonest about what they are doing when in the other parent’s care. These clients often conclude that the teenager is doing this because the other parent is encouraging them to. They sometimes conclude that […]

Red lines and teenagers

Non-custodial parents of teenagers often complain when the custodial parent doesn’t stop their child from engaging in typical risky teen behavior. One hears stories of parents losing custody merely because their teen engages in alcohol use, mild drug use, or has sex while under their care. Not having seen this actually happen myself, I am […]

Will your adult children dread visiting you?

I attended a hearing yesterday in which two seemingly caring parents of teenagers were, perhaps unwittingly, doing their best to destroy the other’s relationship with these children.  At the conclusion of the hearing the judge addressed the parties with advice that I had never heard before.  I paraphrase: I am the father of adult children. […]

How many parents can (should) a child have?

My family spent last evening with South Carolina adoption guru James Fletcher Thompson.  James regaled us with stories of the latest trends in assisted reproduction technology.  Evidently even South Carolina is starting to allow not just gay parents to adopt but is even allowing same sex couple adoption (meaning some children have two legal mothers […]

Stupid (overly broad and vague) parental restraining orders

My one-man war against overly broad restraining orders continued this week, as I observe an accelerating trend towards guardians, litigants and judges wanting to micro-manage the small details of parenting.  At a recent mediation the mediator assumed my client would agree with the guardian’s recommended restraints.  Included in those recommendations were requests that the parents: […]

A cuckoo approach to progeny

From a purely pragmatic viewpoint a “successful” life for a sexually reproducing creature is merely having more than two offspring survive to reproductive age.  From this same vantage an “unsuccessful” life is simply having one or fewer offspring survive to reproductive age. Consider the many species of cuckoo birds who are “brood parasites,” laying their […]

Trusting our children

My oldest daughter graduated from high school earlier this week.  The original plan was to buy her a multi-gear bicycle for use at the college she will be attending in Portland, Oregon this fall (given Charleston’s flat terrain, a one-speed cruiser has been sufficient so far).  When my parents indicated their desire to buy her […]

Shouldn’t having custody of a child terminate child support per se?

Under S.C. Code § 63-3-530 (17) “orders for child support run until the child is eighteen years of age or until the child is married or becomes self-supporting.” It has been my experience that when a girl under the age of eighteen gives birth and keeps her child, the family court does not terminate whatever […]


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