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Have real estate prices really bottomed out?

Practicing family law actually provides some, imprecise, insights into the state of the economy.  For example, there have been periods the past two years when it seemed that even middle-class prospective clients were searching for the lowest priced lawyer, experience be damned.  Most of my peer were struggling for business six months ago.  Further, for […]

No skin in the game

Rather than purchase a “starter home” (which I define as a modest first home one seeks to trade-up for as soon as one has moved in) my wife and I rented until we could afford a home we actually loved.  However, rather than purchasing the nicest home we could afford, we chose to purchase the […]

Transmutation in an economic downturn

In the time before housing prices collapsed it was easy to get many separating homeowners’ property divided.  They would either sell their home and divide the proceeds or one spouse would refinance the house and withdraw equity to buy out the other spouse’s interest.  Today, spouses are often fighting over how to divide the debt […]


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