South Carolina Supreme Court uses James Brown’s estate case to clarify validity of subsequent marriage when prior marriage was void

June 24, 2020

The June 17, 2020 South Carolina Supreme Court case of In Re Estate of Brown appears to finally resolve the estate of the “Hardest Working

Closely divided Supreme Court approves marketability and lack of control discount to family-owed business

May 15, 2020

In a May 13, 2020 opinion in Clark v. Clark, a closely divided South Carolina Supreme Court approves both a marketability and lack of control

Supreme Court holds Rule 60(a), SCRCP, motion is proper procedure to correct potential scrivener’s error in court-approved equitable distribution agreement

May 14, 2020

The May 13, 2020, Supreme Court opinion in Landry v. Landry addresses the proper procedure to correct a potential scrivener’s error in a court-approved equitable

Unpublished Supreme Court opinion in Conits demonstrates the effect of de novo standard of review

November 20, 2019

Last week I blogged about how the Supreme Court’s decisions in Lewis and Stoney–mandating a de novo standard of appellate review of family court factual

South Carolina Supreme Court holds family court improperly denied foster parents’ requests to intervene in removal cases

November 6, 2019

In the November 6, 2019, case of Cooper v. SCDSS, 428 S.C. 402, 835 S.E.2d 516 (2019), the South Carolina Supreme Court found that the

South Carolina Supreme Court uses grandparent visitation case to reveal its true feelings about duplicitous parents

November 2, 2019

The October 30, 2019, South Carolina Supreme Court opinion in Bazen v. Bazen, 428 S.C. 511, 837 S.E.2d 23 (2019), would be interesting if it

South Carolina Supreme Court finally (and only prospectively) abolishes common-law marriage–and makes it harder to establish retroactive common-law marriages

August 4, 2019

A decade ago, in a blog titled, “Why won’t South Carolina end common-law marriage?,” I expressed my strong dislike of the doctrine by noting, “cases

Supreme Court holds order establishing common-law marriage is immediately appealable

April 4, 2019

The April 3, 2019 Supreme Court opinion in Stone v. Thompson, 426 S.C. 291, 826 S.E.2d 868 (2019), addresses the appealability of final orders from