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The danger of rushing into custody agreements with the seriously mentally ill or substance abusing

Folks hire family law attorneys not only expecting to have their domestic disputes resolved, but expecting them to be resolved quickly and inexpensively. The method to accomplish this is to reach agreements. Thus most litigants want their attorneys to be thinking settlement early in the process. For most domestic disputes this is a reasonable expectation. […]

What drinking problem?

The past few years I have, on numerous occasions, met with a family court litigant who has made obvious attempts to alter his or her body to evade the consequences, and change the results, of a court-ordered drug or alcohol test.  On a few occasions they have even admitted drinking large quantities of some substance, […]

Family law’s massive sociological experiment(s)

Last night, while driving to the birthday party of my friends’ son, I was speaking on the phone to one of my oldest and dearest friends (the best man at my wedding).  He lives in Northern California, where he has custody of his two children from a first marriage.  He also has a license from […]

Visitation and the alcoholic parent

If we accept that alcoholism is a disease (which I do), the cure is simple: don’t consume alcohol. I have happily represented many outstanding recovering alcoholic parents in family court and some of these parents have obtained custody of their children and done a fantastic job raising them. Note the word “recovering” alcoholics. The alcoholic […]


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