Updated abuse and neglect materials

Less than a year after undertaking extensive research in 2007 to draft materials for lectures on representing parents in abuse and neglect cases, South Carolina’s legislature recodified the abuse an neglect code.  Unlike the recent recodification of the children’s code, this was not mostly labeling old statutes with new statute numbers in a one-to-one mapping.  Instead some code subsections were combined, some code sections were broken into multiple sections and, in a few instances, the code was actually altered.  The task of updating the research to match the current code was daunting.

Last night, in a fit of mania, I finally did it.  Updated material on Advanced Tips on Representing Parents in Abuse and Neglect Cases and Triaging Your Removal Case and Client Goal Setting can be found on my web site, with both articles containing links to South Carolina code and, when available, the South Carolina or United States Supreme Court case law being cited.  Consider them useful “cheat sheets” for your DSS cases.  I double checked the links but if anyone finds a broken or inaccurate link, please let me know.

I have also slowly been trying to add such links to my other publications and frequently asked questions.  I suspect the material on Procedural Issues in Domestic Abuse Cases may be particularly helpful for attorneys prosecuting or defending such cases and the material on Enforcement (or Defending Enforcement) of Family Court Orders may be particularly helpful for attorneys prosecuting or defending rules to show cause.

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