New Frequently Asked Questions

The ability to easily add pages to my web site combined with the increasing understanding that many clients and potential clients ask me similar questions that cannot easily be explained orally and can best be convincingly explained in writing and with hypertext links has inspired a flurry of Frequently Asked Question drafting.  Basically, when I note the need to explain something to a client or potential client that I feel isn’t being understood and is likely to be asked frequently, I take it as a reason to draft a new Frequently Asked Question.

In the past few weeks, I’ve added:

Can the Family Court Award College Support?

How Does a Child’s Preference Affect Custody?

How Does One Prove Adultery?

How Does the Family Court Decide Whether to Allow a Custodial Parent to Relocate with the Children?

How Does the Family Court Decide Whether to Award Attorney’s Fees?

How is Jurisdiction Determined in a Multi-State Child Custody Case?

What Happens at Family Court Temporary Hearings?

What is and is not Modifiable in a Family Court Final Order?

What is the Difference Between a Family Court Temporary Order and Final Order?

Finally, thanks to Google Scholar I’ve been able to add numerous hypertext links on my publications and blogs for cases from other states or older South Carolina cases.

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