Meet Jenny R. Moser: Another Charleston County family law blogger

Posted Saturday, December 4th, 2010 by Gregory Forman
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I started my blog in April 2009 and until recently, I have had the field of Charleston area family law blogs to myself.  While a couple of my local family law colleagues, Guy Vitetta and Melissa Brown, have family log blogs, they tend to post new items infrequently.

Which makes a very newly-licensed attorney, Jenny R. Moser, my first real competition on the field of Charleston area family law blogs.   I find much to admire in both her practice and her blog.  I opened my family law practice within two years of being licensed (within a year of being licensed in South Carolina); Ms. Moser opened her practice shortly after being licensed this May.  One reason I volunteered as part of South Carolina’s Mentor Program for new attorneys is a desire to assist lawyers such as Ms. Moser, who are attempting to develop a practice in what is the worst economic conditions I have encountered since opening my practice in 1993.  I applaud Ms. Moser’s bravery and the bravery of her compatriots who, rather than wait for an associate position, have decided to open their own practices and obtain their professional grooming on an informal and ad hoc basis.

My blog has been an excellent marketing tool and Ms. Moser is obviously using her blog to market her practice.  Since “write about what you know” is lesson one in creative writing, Ms. Moser wisely avoids the sort of topics that more experienced family law attorneys cover in their blogs.  Instead Ms. Moser, for whom law is a second career and who was a family court litigant before she became an attorney, focuses her blog on parenting issues that arise when parents don’t live in the same household.  It’s much more client focused then my blog and many of the topics she blogs about possibly reflect her experiences as a divorced parent.  Were I a parent going through a custody case, I would find many of her blog posts helpful.  Hopefully this is helping her attract custody clients.   Please support Ms. Moser’s incipient career and check her blog out.

2 thoughts on Meet Jenny R. Moser: Another Charleston County family law blogger

  1. Jenny Moser says:

    What a nice introduction, Greg. Thank you!

    You are correct. I have focused my blog on parenting issues and, in that regard, my blog tends to be very client- or individual-focused. This comes more from the fact that I have been “there” — I have a personal history within the family court that has allowed me to incorporate the client’s perspective into my own practice. I hope that my clients and any potential clients who are considering me to represent them will be able to read that while it is my job to be their legal representative during their case, I will never forget the associated challenges and experiences they are going through because of their case.

    Thank you again and I look forward to meeting you soon and, of course, continuing to follow your blog.

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