Materials for June 3, 2011 Handling Your First…. CLE

Anyone interested in obtaining an Adobe version of the materials from the June 3, 2011 Continuing Legal Education presentation on Handling Your First…. is welcome to download it here.

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  • crystal

    your site is very informative. I have been taken for 48k by the first attorney. My second one is sort of sketchy, gave us his word he would show for mediation and did not. I have trial on Monday. My mistake giving someone almost 3k and not having signed a contract. I am now in the process of retaining yet another attorney that has an impecable reputation that I should have retianed to begin with after the first one. He has signed a contract and I have given him 400.00 towards the retainer. If this current attorney does not show what are my rights to retrieving my money back

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