Schoolin’ the newbies, part 2

Posted Friday, August 19th, 2011 by Gregory Forman
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As indicated by the comments, yesterday’s Schoolin’ the newbies was a success.  Thus we will be doing another class on September 8th at 5:30 p.m. at Natalie Bluestein’s office (One Carriage Lane, Suite D, Charleston SC 29407).  Natalie will be my co-moderator.  I thought advice from a more easy-going but exceptional attorney might be helpful as each  new attorney needs to develop his or own style and Natalie’s style is equally valid (many would argue preferable) to mine.  I also thought it might be more convenient for those who neither live nor work downtown.  Parking is free!

This “school” is free and is open to anyone who meets the following three criteria: 1) self-employed, of counsel or marginally employed, or working under an attorney who does not practice family law; 2) practices family law in tri-county area and; 3) licensed under three years.  Attendees can ask us questions regarding family law or appellate case strategy and procedure, attorney-client relations, attorney-attorney relations and rules of professional conduct, and we will try to cite rules and case law when we can.

Five ground rules for attendees:

1. You agree not to mention client names when asking questions

2. You agree that any advice we provide does not create an attorney-client relationship with your client and South Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct 1.7, 1.8, 1.9 and 1.18 do not conflict us out of representation if the other side later wants to retain me or Natalie

3. You agree to offer your own suggestions to your colleagues if you have had similar experiences/problems

4. You agree that if you are asking questions about a case and opposing counsel is also present, you will let us know so that we can make sure opposing counsel doesn’t object to our answering

5. You understand that our advice is intended to be a suggestion on how one might go about resolving the problem you pose but that the family court, Court of Appeals or Supreme Court might have different views.   Your clients do not need to know you obtained advice from Natalie or me but you agree that we are not liable for any advice we provide and agree to hold us harmless should your client attempt to bring a malpractice claim or grievance against us

There is no pre-enrollment requirement but just so we can get a rough idea of how many attorneys will attend, please email me if you plan on attending.


One thought on Schoolin’ the newbies, part 2

  1. Barry Knobel says:

    Greg, if there is no higher professional calling than sharing one’s experience, wisdom, knowledge and insights, then Natalie and you are the gold standard. Congratulations for your always taking the initiative to improve the practice of family law in your Circuit and throughout this State. I also read the “comments” which your attendees sent you, and I was naturally impressed. You “paid it forward” last night, and your “newbies” will continue to do that into the years ahead.

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