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Supreme Court reverses sexual abuse finding based on improperly admitted forensic child interviews

A split decision in the September 25, 2013 South Carolina Supreme Court opinion in SCDSS v. Pringle, 405 S.C. 608, 749 S.E.2d 301 (2013), reserved a finding that father sexually abused his two daughters, holding the family court erred in permitting the playing of videotape forensic interviews of the non-testifying child victims. Father’s two daughters were interviewed by […]

How not to bung-up a responsive pleading

I often see responsive pleadings that hurt the other side’s case.  Frequently the response will include extraneous information.  This information is like free discovery–learning about the other side’s case strategy without using precious supplemental interrogatories or requests for admissions. Other times parties will deny things they should have admitted because they seem unaware they can […]


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