2013 again provides a dearth of published family law opinions

There are literally hundreds of commonplace but unresolved family law issues in South Carolina.  Yet, at the rate our appellate courts issue published family law opinions, these unresolved issues pile-up faster than our appellate courts resolve them.

In 2013, our appellate courts issued fourteen published family law opinions: six from the Supreme Court and eight from the Court of Appeals.  This is the lowest figure since I began this blog in 2009.  I can’t blame this dearth on the appellate courts leaving opinions dealing with novel issues unpublished–as I didn’t find a single 2013 unpublished opinion blogworthy.

Until South Carolina family law attorneys start appealing a greater number of cases–especially those dealing with unresolved legal issues–the number of important family law issues that remain unanswered will continue to increase.

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