After eight years South Carolina finally updates its child support guidelines

Posted Tuesday, July 15th, 2014 by Gregory Forman
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On July 1, 2014 South Carolina’s new child support guidelines went into effect. The updated guidelines can be downloaded here. It is the first revision to these guidelines since 2006.

There are four primary changes from the previous guidelines. The first change is to the child support tables. These tables now go up to incomes of $30,000 per month [the 2006 guideline tables topped-out at $20,000 per month]. This means fewer cases will fall outside of the support guidelines [in South Carolina an income of greater than $360,000 per year represents approximately 1% of all households]. Further the support tables generally provide an increase in the amount of support at most income levels and for two to six children. The support level changes for one child are modest–and sometimes decreases–and the guidelines continue to only cover up to six children.

Paul LeBarron, a staff attorney for South Carolina Department of Social Service’s Integrated Child Support Services Division, who was involved with the update of the guidelines, indicates these new tables reflect increasingly thorough data on the amount of support parents typically provide their children at various income levels. He further notes there is approximately a 2-3% increase in support levels at lower incomes and up to an 8% increase at the middle income levels and higher.

As examples, the support obligation for $2,500 per month in income and three children is $791 per month in the 2006 guideline but $850 per month in the new guidelines. The support obligation for $20,000 income and one child actually goes down–from $1,536 to $1,524–while at the same income level with six children support goes up over 10%–from $2,988 to $3,305. Child support at the new highest income level ($30,000) is $2,043 per month for one child and $4,431 for six children.

The second change regards the handling of day care expenses. Both guidelines allow for a slight reduction in the credited day care expense to reflect tax credits. The percentage reduction has been increased from 25% to 27% but the reduction is now capped at $67.50 per month for one child and $135 for two or more children, which reflects the actual cap in day care tax credits. The custodial parent’s minimum income thresholds for this adjustment have generally increased: $1,950 for one child; $2,600 for two; $2,900 for three; $3,200 for four; $3,500 for five; and $3,800 for six. The new guidelines continue to allow the reduction to be determined by subtracting the actual value of the federal and state tax credit in the last filed IRS Form 2441 and SC 1040, Line 11.

The third change is on the handling of shared custody guidelines when one parent barely meets the threshold of 110 overnights. The new guidelines continue to make application of these shared parenting guidelines discretionary, but for parents who have between 110 and 128 overnights the guidelines now call for a weighted average of the general support guidelines [Schedule A] and the shared custody guidelines [Schedule C], with each additional overnight above 109 increasing the share attributable to Schedule C by 1/19th until full Schedule C is used at 128 overnights. Thus a parent who has 110 overnights would apply 1/19th of the Schedule C guidelines and 18/19ths of the Schedule A guideline. A parent who has 126 overnights would apply 17/19ths of the Schedule C guidelines and 2/19ths of the Schedule A guideline.

The final substantial change is the handling of split custody [Schedule B]–when the parties have more than one child together and each parent has custody of at least one child. The 2006 guidelines determined the basic support amount for the total number of children and then allocated support by the percentage of children each parent had custody of. The new guidelines run two separate support calculations based on the number of children in the custody of each parent, and the difference between the two amounts becomes the basic support obligation.

As an example, under the 2006 guidelines, a couple with three children and a combined income of $5,000 per month would have a combined support obligation of $1,158. The parent with custody of one child would get credited with receiving $386 of that amount and the other parent would receive $772 of that amount. How much support would be paid would be dependant upon the respective shares of the parties’ income. Assuming equal incomes and no other child support factors, the parent with custody of one child would have paid the other parent half of the difference of $772 and $386, or $193 per month.

Under the new guidelines for that same family, the support obligation for one child at that income level is $798 and the obligation for two children is $1,151. Again assuming equal incomes and no other child support factors, the parent with custody of one child will pay the other parent half of the difference of $1,151 and $798, or $176.50 per month.

Revisions to the child support guidelines were long overdue. Federal law requires states to review–but not necessarily revise–these guidelines every four years. Having tables go up to $30,000 per month will result in fewer above-the-guidelines child support cases. The method of resolving split custody more accurately reflects the costs of raising children in two households. The gradual transition between sole and shared custody guidelines should result in fewer hard-fought cases to obtain the 110 overnight threshold. The guidelines in general more accurately reflect the tax consequences of day care. The changes in the 2014 guidelines are uniformly improvements.

48 thoughts on After eight years South Carolina finally updates its child support guidelines

  1. MJ Goodwin says:

    I also learned of this from the new software sales.

  2. Howard J says:

    This is in no way beneficial toward the children when the revisions do not truly consider basic necessities of everyday living standards. At 30k with 2,043(×12) for on child it is simply in comprehensible. Who comes up with these calculations?

    1. Neo Marcist says:

      Who? People who refuse to justify and itemize the actual costs of raising a child. $2,043 is enough for the child to have his/her own mortgage, house, utilities and luxuries.
      That’s more than child support, that’s mommy freeloading off a man she destroyed a relationship with. These people have an agenda to break up families and demonize men. The statistics obviously prove the family court bias against men. There needs to be a men’s rights movement.

      1. Rebecca Stamey says:

        You are right about what can be done with the money but why should a child from a second marriage not have the same things his brothers and sisters have that live with him? Is this fair to the kid? I waited 9 months to file because I wanted to do this on my own. Then I realized, this isn’t my money I am refusing to get. It is the child’s. Yes I will more than likely be awarded more than I need but the rest will go in the bank in the child’s name. I watched at Christmas time as the man spent $45 on my 2 year old son and $600 each on his other children. His 13 years old daughter got designer make up that cost $300. I think that was ridiculous but he did it. I have begged for 9 months for this man to spend time with his son, didn’t want his money no matter how much I struggled. I make 30k and am a single mom of 2 with no help. He makes 110k a year. The man seen this child 3 times in 9 months only because his daughter begged. I know there are some horrible moms that use these kids to get men’s money for their needs but if he is not willing to even spend time with his son why shouldn’t I replace his time with money if that is all I can get from him? Also, yes it sound be based on income, I was a stay at home mom at his request. I have recently finished school and am working again. Paid for all on my own by the way. If the child gets sick, it’s me who looses income, him being absent it’s me who fills in the gaps. If this means I take off to go to a pre-school event or to even take him to the zoo, Yes t he should pay a part. He is making up for the money I lost not putting his time in to be a parent. As you said, time is the most important and it does come at a cost. Walk in some of these moms shoes before you judge. Yes some are bad, but not all. You said you itemized the cost of the child, I would be curious as to what you included.

        1. Rebecca Stamey says:

          The amount is based on income to give the child a some what similar life style as you.

        2. BoomBiatch says:

          Your child support would have been a wonderful Christmas for you child if you only worked … but bc you don’t you use the money to pay YO BILLS sad sad sad

        3. MPA says:

          I can’t believe someone responded to some comment I made back in 2014. So here I am to respond to this 2017 comment.

          The child doesn’t get the luxury of wealth, that the new family gets quite simply because the child doesn’t live with that parent. He/she lives with the other parent with the lesser income or no income.

          Who’s fault is that? Quite simply the one being selfish, clinging to the child, instead of allowing them to live a better life with the other parent.

        4. A girl who gets it says:

          The same lifestyle as you??? They don’t have a job yet – and the child support is so high the fathers have NO life. And CANT spend $40 on their kids bc the mothers are greedy. Absolutely despicable what “moms” are getting paid. They ARE free loading and that’s ALL child support is these days. The courts and the “moms” should be ashamed for destroying a child’s life. There’s no fairness – dads are denied visitation and don’t even end up with enough money to live on much less spend on their children.

      2. BoomBiatch says:

        You are right. Mom has a new car and home looking fly while the dad is living in a dump driving an 83 pinto. Really?

  3. Sandi Cq says:

    it really doesn’t matter either way. . . if the person doesn’t pay then the other goes to jail….then the mom doesnt even get a break here and there by the ex partner babysitting and picking up the child here and there…and if they don’t make the money ..then they don’t make the money its just not there. I would much rather have the ex partner take the child here and there and just give me a break!

    1. Neo Marcist says:

      I provided a large 2500 square foot home, all bills paid, came directly home and took the children off her hands, cooked the meals, paid for her hair and nails to be done, took the family out for recreation and entertainment and vacations, and it still wasn’t good enough. She still preferred to destroy our family and seek child support because DSS and South Carolina flaunted these dollar figures in front of her. With these sort of ransoms, no wonder the marriage rate is so low, the divorce rate is so high, and the country has become a welfare state. The families are broken up and children are raised in single parent households lacking the discipline that once made respectful and polite and moral adults. This is the degradation of our culture and the destruction of family values. DSS is part of the problem, not the solution. And the lawyers walk away rich and get into their Mercedes Benz at the end of the day to drive back to their mansions.

    2. BoomBiatch says:

      Amen to this.

  4. JT says:

    The people who come up with this crap sit behind a desk and theorize on what is best…the family court system in SC is a flat out JOKE…DSS
    Should be shut down as well….family court orders are trash and deserve to be thrown away…they are. Not worth the paper they are written on…lawyers are making money hand over fist and the court has literally no enforcement mechanisms in place…oh turn the parental controls on your phone on it says……is the court gonna come by the house and check it? NO….my ex broke court order but lawyer says it has to happen 4-5 more times for court to find them in contempt…

  5. Brandy says:

    WOW!!! YES!!! Revisions have been way overdue and still are! If a noncustodial parent thinks the guidelines even remotely covers “their part” of the expense (regardless of income level) of raising a child, they are sadly mistaken. However, it is so nice to know that people who make $30,000 PER MONTH ($360,000 per year), now can fall within the guidelines with those who make $21,000 PER YEAR ($1,750 per month). Thank goodness we don’t have to worry about the top few percenter’s children falling through the cracks and doing without anymore! At least we won’t have to lose sleep over that now.

    1. MPA2003 says:

      Right. My ex girlfriend is on the otherside and I’ll bet she will argue differently with you.

    2. Neo Marcist says:

      How does making a high salary change what it costs to support a child? You are just greedy and want to steal another man’s earned income in amounts that far exceed what it actually costs to support a child. You want to argue with me? Put up a monthly budget what it costs to support a child. Itemize it for me. Justify these ridiculous amounts such as $1,750 per month. What are you buying the kids? A thousand dollars worth of video games each month? Please. Take my challenge. Post a monthly budget for the actual costs of supporting a child. Then explain to me how so many other families survive on so much less and still raise wonderful kids.

      1. Brandy Scott says:

        South Carolina. Child support is actually supposed to cover the absent parents part. Mortgage,utilities,food,clothing,schooling,etc… Before my divorce I didn’t work. I stayed home with our daughters. He choose to be the reason for the divorce. ADULTRY !!!!! Neither my children nor I ask for that. We were not the reason for the divorce. I had to get a minimum wage job just to barely make ends meet after him paying child support. In my opion, cases as that the absent parent should pay more that way the children are not hurt. I have not worked for the past 5 years due to my finances and home changes. I make it on the little $600 a month he pays for child support. He makes $30.00/HR … On the support calculation sheet they have me making minum wage part time…. Yes if you don’t work the court still puts you down a income. He constantly puts me down, calling me names and tries to make me feel lower than dirt,says I use child support like alimony. Oh well !!! Suck it up.. If I thought I could get a raise I would take him back to court.

  6. My 2 cents says:

    I have 3 kids in house and outside of Christmas, school shopping & Birthdays I take good care of them for less then 200$ a month.. Most mothers make it a money issue when dads issues is time spent!!

    1. Tim says:

      I would agree that most mothers make money an issue. My ex has a Masters of HRD and significant earning potential but she has not looked for a job in over 5 yrs. She is a dog walker and sometimes substitute teacher who claims that she lives below the poverty line. After losing a job, I travel over 70 miles each way to work in NC (until I can transfer back to SC) and she wants more even though I make less and pay higher taxes. I think the misinformation that many moms get fills their heads with the idea that their lifestyle will not take a hit and the dads are supposed to live in trailers to support them. Shady divorce lawyers fuel these notions

      1. BoomBiatch says:

        I agree I know someone who hasn’t worked for the whole 11 years their child has been alive. Hasn’t went to school or anything They should at least make the moms have a minimum wage job or show proof they’re looking for one. They automatically go by minimum wage even if the father doesn’t have a job. Then locks them up over it. They should do the same for moms. And before anyone says anything,… I am a mom and I work to support my child. Also went to school when my child was 1-4 there is no excuse for this crap. Don’t beg the dad for money and try to get him locked up so he’s not in my child’s life at all… doesn’t make any sense

        1. Brandy Scott says:

          South Carolina if either parent does not work they are automatically put down as earning minimum wage part time. I’m sorry if they don’t pay I agree 100% take their license … Next time lock them up. Not one person made a child alone why should they have to support alone ????

    2. Neo Marcist says:

      Exactly. I have a daughter that is one year old. I am an accountant and I track all the expenses to great detail. She has beautiful clothes, toys, nutritious food and all the necessities. Other than household payments and utility bills which I pay regardless of whether a child is home or not, the expenses directly related to her are only about $50 a week. How they come up with these ridiculously high and extortionate amounts is criminal in and of itself. Factor in the tax credits a woman gets and the welfare she is eligible for she comes out richer than a bank robber. All expenses should be tracked, receipts kept, and child support payments justified. A woman should be responsible for her own rent and utilities because she needs to pay rent and utilities regardless of whether she has children or not.

      1. Rebecca Stamey says:

        $50 a week? You must not have her in daycare. Where does the cost of a new car seat at one, a potty chair, baby gates, diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, baby soap, portion of rent for her to have her own room, portion used in electric to keep her warm and water to keep her bathed, first hair cut, tooth paste, tooth brush, dentist check ups, doctor copays, prescriptions, food, bed linens, shoes, … I think you left out a few. As far as a woman paying her own rent and electric, you are right but do you not think she needs a bigger home to give your daughter a room and do you not think it costs more for those utilities to have a bigger room? Better yet, would you want your daughter to live in a studio apartment? Say yes to that and I will agree with you. I agree expenses should be audited a couple times a year to make sure the child is not loosing out. You are way off on the $50 a week.

        1. Freddie Washington says:

          A lot of those items are a one time buy. But 200.00 a month does cover those items. Median pay for SC is about 15000 a year, and if a man pays 6000 a year, thats 500 a month, is that fair. The man and woman had that child, but its all on the man. Really.

          1. Rebecca Stamey says:

            $50 a week still doesn’t cover that child a room unless you want mom to have a studio appt. I pay $160 a week daycare, $22 in meds his insurance doesn’t cover, diapers alone is $20. Why should I be the only one missing income when the child is sick? Your numbers are far from off. If you are saying these are one time fees. Child needs a sitter until age 12. As they grow those one time fees turn into $75 preschool registration, a booster seat, video games, sports or dance, … If you think it’s fair that you live with extras and the kid don’t, you are wrong. You may be on of these good dads, if so your child is blessed. I just know my child’s dad makes over $100k a year and he has spend $200 total over the past year. $50 for Christmas and $150 for his birthday.I wanted to work with him and I have asked for $225 a month from him twice and he didn’t like that. Now that he has been served he wants to negotiate for $100 aweek which was more than at asked for in the first place. I am letting the courts decide. If I did negotiate and needed something later, I know he wouldn’t help and we will be in a 3 year contract.

          2. BoomBiatch says:

            GET A JOB. If the man can work to support then the women sure as heck should be able to. Why does the dad have to cover all of majority of the child and the MOTHERS lifestyle

        2. BoomBiatch says:

          If you can’t provide a warm room or her own room, then maybe the father should have custody. Lazy women need to work and support their children too. Your certainly not paying for a own room or heat at the dads home… ridiculous and lazy. Sure you’re using the money to get you hair and nails done too while you sell your food stamps

          1. Rebecca Stamey says:

            I have had a job all but 2 years since I was 16. Actually quit a job I had for 22 years because he begged me to be a stay at home mom. Didn’t liked it so I did online class and choose a work from home job so I could take care of my kids at the same time. You men need to realize this is for your kids. I do my own nails and hair thank you, licensed in cosmetology and insurance. Cosmetology was part-time while I worked another full time job. No I don’t get food stamps and if men would pay their part a lot of single parents would not need it. Maybe your problem is the woman you are choosing. I do agree with you on thing, the moms should work too but that’s about it. Sounds like these men who are complaining just signed up to be a sperm donor. Oh and while you are figuring your $50 a week, there are no statistics that show it costs $50 or less a week to raise a toddler without assistance. Maybe that is the life you want for your children but I want better for mine. According to a 2010 USDA report, the average middle-income family will spend roughly $12,000 on child-related expenses in their baby’s first year of life. By age two, parents are up to more than $12,500 per year.

          2. Rebecca Stamey says:

            One more thing, I waited a year to even file. So it wasn’t about the money. By law this child has a right to his dad’s support. I don’t need his money but one day this bank account will be a nice college fund.I was In hopes this guy would step up to the plate. Actually asked for $240 a MONTH just to cover half day daycare.

          3. BoomBiatch says:

            I may have been too harsh, although I do agree with it takes more than 50 a week, I am mainly speaking for the people who pay more than 700+ a week. I am a mother as well and I work. I’m in the same position and I feel they rob some people. My father of my child was PUT IN JAIL, bc it was hard to maintain his life and pay. Not for me, for another child. We settled out of court. I understand certain circumstance and don’t depend on the money. I make my own. Yes the extra money helps bc it is not cheap to raise a child. After he was put in jail, I PAID HIS BACK CHILD SUPPORT(even though he was making an effort to pay some, not all) he still got so behind. So I paid to keep him out of jail so he could actually see his children and AT THE LEAST be in their lives. That was not fair to me, but I had to do it for my 1 yr old son who’s father was always there for him. I’ve actually been working my whole like since bout the same age as you so I get it and no 50 a week is not enough. I don’t agree with the financial situation rising and all of a sudden women want more money. It’s robbery and I get child support and don’t agree. And yes there are dead beats out there who deserve to go to jail. There’s MEN AND WOMEN, who make no effort at all to contribute and work. His other mother of his child has NEVR worked or ever went to school and literally lives off of his money. As a WOMEN, I feel they should look at both sides. Yes, there are lazy deadbeat dads who don’t try, but at The same time there are lazy deadbeat moms who use the system. This was not a personal attack on you. Just expressing my opinion about what you said. We are all in different situations.

          4. Rebecca Stamey says:

            My court date is 9/12 and it sounds like we are on the same page. I am very torn on what to do and it sounds like you have already been through it so I am going to ask you opinion. As I said he makes $8-$10k a month. I am a single mom and make about $4k a month. I work from home, it’s very hard but I can’t afford full time daycare. I have asked in Oct and April if he would just pay $245 to cover part-time preschool. He was going to make me do a contract in Oct. Keep in mind I wasn’t trying to go through the courts I wanted my son to have a dad. I use to text him and offer his son anytime and he has actually seen him 3 times in the past year. It is wrong to keep these kids from their dad. If I go into a contract I wouldn’t be able to get more if I ever needed more so I wouldn’t do the contract. In April I asked again, he took his other 2 kids that live with him on vacation and left me waiting 15 days for a reply on $245 for daycare. By day 10 I had to apply. I wasn’t making enough to cover expenses and I need full time daycare to really get my job going. After he was served he called and offered to add his son to his insurance and give me $100 a week. Adding his son to insurance does not cost anything since he already has 2 kids on his plan. According to the SC calculator, he would owe $900-$1200 a month. I do think that is too much. Then I think this is money to be put back for college and he can afford it. If he doesn’t want to help with daycare I don’t think he will help later with my son a car or college. This past Christmas he spent $45 on our son for Christmas and $600 each on the kids that he has custody of from a previous marriage. I am worried if I don’t take close to the full amount I can’t keep up with what he is doing for the others. I am not about money or material things but I don’t want my son to think he is less than his siblings. I am very torn on what to do. I am not going into mediation spiteful, bitter, or mad but I also have to realize I am the only voice my son has in this matter. If you have been through mediation, please advise on what to do. I am 43 and the most I have ever had is 1 speeding ticket my whole life, so no involvement with court. Better yet, with the information I just gave you, what do you think is a fair amount. I didn’t just up and leave him, he was an alcoholic, when I left all I had was my kids, clothes, and furniture. The car was in his name and he wouldn’t let me take it. He traded my car in on it. I do plan on full-time daycare which is $140 a week where I live.

          5. BoomBiatch says:

            For one, we have way to much in common. I live in sc as well and my ex grew up filthy rich… well his parents were not him! And it’s hard to give you advice on this because it is so serious and your child’s future depends on it. From what you’ve told me he clearly doesn’t seem responsible and if he is not treating your son equilivlent to his other children or even see your child … I would most definitely take his ass to court! But you do what you feel is right. I would hate to give you the wrong advice. And if you truly used it for car or college later then I feel that’s reasonable. I have lots of help from my exes family so that makes up for what he doesn’t do. So I’m sure our situation are still quite the same but quite different!

          6. Rebecca Stamey says:

            I am going to keep praying on it. Maybe I will figure out something. It’s hard not to be bitter because of the way he did. He even left out his son on his mother’s obituary but listed the other 2, she recently passed. Oh do I have some stories, and I promise he wasn’t like this before or he hid it well. And I would save the money for college or a car, my kids always come first as they should.

          7. BoomBiatch says:

            Do that! I will pray for you too. I truly feel horrible now saying all the stuff I said. Because in a way your situation saddens me. I’m sure you’re thankful for your son but some things people have to go through and sacrifice while trying to keep peace is just rough. Thanks for your understanding and once again sorry for the harsh assumptions and criticism. Prayers!

          8. Rebecca Stamey says:

            No worries, if so many people didn’t abuse the system people wouldn’t feel this way. I too have seen women look amazing while their kids look homeless and take as much child support a possible. All of this happened for a reason. My faith has been stronger that it ever has and my kids are amazing. I don’t think I will ever even date again. Sometimes we are too busy looking for the happiness that is right in front of us. God gave me my son at 40 for a reason. (I did infertility treatments at 30 for my middle child and had a partial hysterectomy at 32, so he is a miracle. I was told I would never have more kids) Didn’t see it in the beginning but I see it everyday now. I am the happiest I have ever been in life and I am a single mom of 3.

          9. BoomBiatch says:

            Not to mention, I grew up pretty poor so always had a motivation to have better for my children. And 50 isn’t a lot but it’s something. I would make it work and do what I had to do to make it work. Not everyone is rich and can have the best or all. But as long as the child is cared for fed and has clothes even if they are from goodwill they have something that should be all that matters. Some people need to humble down a bit and praise god they have at least the necessities

          10. Rebecca Stamey says:

            Funny you say that. I grew up that way and he had money. It didn’t change me, I still bought all my clothes from goodwill because I wanted to. He was so angry when the kids told him. He though he could treat me and my children any way he wanted as long as he bought us.

      2. Freddie Washington says:

        Thank you for your homesty. The Family Court in SC are robbers. I pay CS, Medical and my kids get a Social Security checks because I am disabled and she is threatening to take me back to court. Its scary for a man to go to court. The judges eat us up

      3. Hope Byrd Hill says:

        Really? If I were a single woman could rent a room for 800 a month which includes utilities. It’s going to cost me at minimum 1400/month for apt and utilities. If I were single, I could ride my bike, catch rides, ride the bus. There’s another 300(conservative) expense. So that’s 550 his share. Let’s talk about the fact that if kids sick….I miss work and pay….. drs visits, I miss work and pay. Single woman, I can work a second job. That’s just for starters.

  7. Robert Smith says:

    How about the women relinquishing custody over to the men. That way they can experiencing and understand the everyday pain of supporting the children. Then you pay the amount you think is owed, to you, to him. Role reversal…so everyone can come to a mutual agreement.

  8. Will says:

    Thank god I don’t live in South Backwards Carolina.

    This has to be the most ridiculous and pro-woman rule in the country. You guys act like child support is some kind of Hedgefund stock sharing business.

    Men are at a disadvantage, because most men are single with no kids or first time married, and thus have not emotional connection with men owing support or alimony.

    Thus your voice gets less attention than the picture of a poor single mother with unclean kids.

  9. Glenda says:

    This does not solve the problem of South Carolina taking longer than 30 days to distribute the child support when you receive Family Independence check..By federal law they have to have it distributed within that 30 days. It is always over 30 days.Child support was paid on 15th of September .I will not get it till the 18th of Oct..Whoever is over this does not care about the children.I am owed over $30.000.00 in child support. Father never has stepdaughter only pays here & there..Courts are doing nothing..both are walking around. Our court system in Pickens County is a joke

  10. D says:

    This is so sad that SC just continue to allow “donors” to get away with this, this is so unfair to the single parent just try to provide her child with a good head start in life (schools, college, & shelter, food) Many not all of the “donors” live high off the hog while their child live in poverty, but it good that he can travel and eat high off the hog but the child may not have a full course meal or health insurance with a single making end meet the best way possible. The cost to take the “donor” back to court, money taken out of the child income. this is just horrible, SC really need to do better , many of us don’t rely on welfare, I myself work to support my child. this is just AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! SC so behind to other states. Just sad that the kid suffers.

    1. MPA200 says:

      My guess is if you don’t want to be donated to, keep your legs closed. Or better, if you can’t afford to do the things you want to do, then give them to the man if he makes more money than you, or better give them to his grandparents.

      Rather than whining about freebies, get off your butt and work or better yet give the kids to someone else with money who will be much more able to take care of their needs.

      1. BJ MILLER says:


      2. Tami Sellers says:

        I raised Mine by myself without getting the pitiful amount of support of $38 a week nor did he have visitation which was fine because he was a pervert but some of these comments are so uncalled for. My kids are the ones who suffered because of it not for lack of me trying to give them everything they needed but it’s impossible to on a single income household these days so I worked 2 jobs and We missed out on a lot of time together because of it but they also learned some valuable lessons about pulling together as a family and working for what you want as well. My youngest is 27 and he still owes close to $20,000 in back support. I doubt I will ever see it unless they garnish his Social Security.

    2. Neo Marcist says:

      Stop using men as ATM’s. And learn how to put together a proper sentence. What’s ridiculous is that these child support payments, in most cases, are far above and beyond the actual costs of raising a child. I am an accountant and a father. The fact that the monthly payment is tied to income is also a perversion of justice. The costs of raising a child do not increase just because someone’s salary increases. If women want equal pay and equal this and equal that then you should pay an equal share of the costs of supporting a child regardless of who has custody.

  11. Jennifer Adams says:

    I’ve been a single mom for 13 years and not once received a child support check, gave bio dad the open door policy and raised my child on my income. I started at 7.25 an hour and moved on up in the last 13 years. Child support is a crock of $***! I am now married and my husband is getting hit with child support to his ex’s, both live with the parents. One refuses to work, wont take the child to the doctor or provide a safe environment. The other works and has a cell phone bill. Her mother and father are raising the twins and the family refuses to let my husband see his children. He is going pay half of his monthly income to two woman that don’t have any bills, while we struggle to provide for the 3 we only get to see because of a court order, 1 we have at home and 1 on the way. My husband is an amazing father and loves his children. He will work his fingers to the bones so they have everything they want and need but no South Carolina is such a “motherly” state that the fathers go broke and work to pay child support.


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