Supreme Court adds one sentence to the Conits opinion

On January 17, 2018, the South Carolina Supreme Court issued a refiled opinion in the case of Conits v. Conits, 422 S.C. 74, 810 S.E.2d 253 (2017), modifying the concluding sentence to read as follows:

We REMAND to the court of appeals to rule on the merits of the issue and to consider any other issues that arise as a result of its ruling—including whether the status of the farm is still an issue, and if it is, whether the farm is marital or nonmarital property

The original, November 15, 2017, opinion remanded the appeal back to the Court of Appeals to address the valuation and size of a farm in Greece in which Husband had a partial ownership interest. The revised opinion also authorizes the Court of Appeals to address whether this farm is marital property or Husband’s separate property.  Husband may be getting small bites of the appeal in this appeal process but he’s getting multiple small bites.

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