Recent amendments to the ADR Rules – “Early Neutral Evaluation”

May 5, 2012

From guest blogger: Barry W. Knobel of Knobel Mediation Services If you have not had the time to review them, on April 30, 2012, we received

Rethinking my opposition to family court arbitration

October 1, 2011

For a few years my friend and colleague, Barry W. Knobel of Knobel Mediation Services, LLC, has been encouraging me to rethink my opposition to

Beaten by implicit credibility determinations

May 27, 2011

My client, for completely explicable reasons, but much to my disappointment, has decided not to seek rehearing and eventual certiorari of the unpublished May 18,

A retired family court judge’s view of the import of Lewis v. Lewis

May 12, 2011

From guest blogger, the Formerly Honorable Barry W. Knobel. I jokingly refer to Barry W. Knobel as “formerly honorable” because he stepped down from the family

Unpublished Court of Appeals opinion provides guidance for mediators regarding admissibility of documents provided during mediation

March 26, 2011

From Guest Blogger, the Honorable Barry W. Knobel The South Carolina Court of Appeals filed what I consider to be an important unpublished family court opinion which,

Pulled inexorably into disaster

March 25, 2011

Life is competitive–survival-of-the-fittest and such–and lawyers are among the more competitive life forms.  We don’t like to lose and we especially don’t like to lose

Provision for adjustment of child support using a “Shared Parenting Formula” [Schedule C]

January 18, 2011

From Guest Blogger, the Honorable Barry W. Knobel I've been involved in a number of mediations in which we were working to settle a child support

Trial or mediation – why not let your clients decide?

October 19, 2010

From Guest Blogger, the Honorable Barry W. Knobel I recently mediated a case in which an attorney informed her client that “you can add a minimum