The explicable, but almost certainly unconstitutional, restraint on parents and spouses posting to social media

August 21, 2020

A few months ago, the New York Times posted a story, Divorcing Parents Have a Right to Post Their Stories Online, Court Says, discussing a

Building better restraining orders

September 20, 2017

A few weeks ago I blogged about what I considered ill-conceived child custody restraining orders. These restraints criminalized behavior that, while not ideal, are hardly

South Carolina child custody restraining orders I really hate

August 26, 2017

By the same process that causes attorneys’ boilerplate to grow over time–they borrow “good” ideas from other attorneys but never weed out redundant or obsolete

Supreme Court approves permanent restraint against mother’s exposure of child to convicted sex-offender boyfriend

June 20, 2012

In the June 20, 2012 decision of Argabright v. Argabright, 398 S.C. 176, 727 S.E.2d 748 (2012), the South Carolina Supreme Court affirmed a permanent restraint

Overnight paramour restraints and homosexual relationships

February 18, 2012

A state that denies homosexuals the right to marry has no right to punish them for living together without being married. In 1967, the United

Stupid (overly broad and vague) parental restraining orders

February 17, 2012

My one-man war against overly broad restraining orders continued this week, as I observe an accelerating trend towards guardians, litigants and judges wanting to micro-manage

WTF does the restraint against exposing minor children to “age inappropriate entertainment” actually mean?

January 20, 2012

I sometimes think there is some hidden law titled, “The South Carolina Family Law Attorney Full Employment Act,” which requires family court judges to issue

The lunacy of the restraint against “exposing the children to members of the opposite sex, unrelated by blood or marriage, overnight ”

May 28, 2011

A common restraint in South Carolina family court orders involving custody or visitation with minor children is a restraint against “exposing the children to members