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South Carolina child custody restraining orders I really hate

By the same process that causes attorneys’ boilerplate to grow over time–they borrow “good” ideas from other attorneys but never weed out redundant or obsolete clauses–the list of restraining orders that family court judges impose on parents continues to grow. Since many local family court judges treat violations of these restraining orders as criminal contempt–and […]

Using the court’s contempt powers to stop visitation interference

There are some custodial parents who are unreasonably resistant to the other parent’s relationship with their child(ren). Often such parents will manipulate and maneuver to prevent the other parent from exercising his or her (because custody typically goes to mothers, primary his) visitation. However, proper application of the family court’s contempt powers can stop such […]

In pro se appeal, Supreme Court offers guidance on forms of and sanctions for contempt

Members of the family court bar should thank pro se litigant Brian DiMarco for taking his appeal all the way to the South Carolina Supreme Court to fight a $250.00 fine.  The Supreme Court’s August 1, 2011 opinion in DiMarco v. DiMarco, 393 S.C. 604, 713 S.E.2d 631 (2011), provides excellent guidance on the distinction between criminal and civil […]


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