South Carolina Supreme Court holds family court improperly denied foster parents’ requests to intervene in removal cases

November 6, 2019

In the November 6, 2019, case of Cooper v. SCDSS, 428 S.C. 402, 835 S.E.2d 516 (2019), the South Carolina Supreme Court found that the

It just became a little easier (although still not very easy) to sue DSS in tort

December 6, 2015

There is a common complaint among attorneys who do appeals that they do not recognize the fact pattern described in their appellate decisions. The belief

Court of Appeals requires DSS to offer mother more treatment

August 3, 2015

The August 3, 2015 Court of Appeals opinion in SCDSS v. Briggs 413 S.C. 377, 776 S.E.2d 115 (Ct. App. 2015), reverses a family court determination

Court of Appeals highly critical of Charleston County’s Abuse and Neglect proceedings’ procedures

September 3, 2014

The September 3, 2014 Court of Appeals decision in SCDSS v.  Hogan, 410 S.C. 120, 763 S.E.2d 219 (Ct. App. 2014), is highly critical of the method

When abuse and neglect and private custody cases overlap

March 21, 2013

Not infrequently a claim of abuse or neglect against one parent will lead another parent to seek custody.  Other times a private custody case will

Supreme Court holds foster parents lack standing to seek or challenge adoption when child is placed with DSS for purpose of placing child for adoption

March 8, 2013

The March 8, 2013 Supreme Court opinion in Youngblood v. DSS, 402 S.C. 311, 741 S.E.2d 515 (2013), holds that once the South Carolina Department of Social Services

The difficulty of bringing tort claims against the Department of Social Services

March 3, 2013

On December 2, 2015, the South Carolina Supreme Court reversed this Court of Appeals decision in Bass v. SCDSS, 414 S.C. 558, 780 S.E.2d 252 (2015).

Court of Appeals makes minor changes to year-old opinion

September 12, 2012

Today’s [September 12, 2012] advance sheet notes a refiled opinion in the case of South Carolina Department of Social Services v. Mary C.  Oddly enough