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Treating Unwed Daddies as Wallets

I had lunch yesterday with Charlie F.P. Segars-Andrews, who mentioned she had been contacted to do work with an agency, Responsible Committed Fatherhood Initiative, attempting to assist fathers establish visitation at the same time the Department of Social Services establishes child support.  Given my interest in assisting such fathers obtain court-ordered visitation–my most recent volunteer case […]

The Honorable Frances P. Segars-Andrews: An Appreciation

The Honorable F.P. Segars-Andrews leaves the family court bench soon.  To read some comments on the internet there were a number of litigants extremely angered by her decisions.  Over the years I have had more than one client greatly upset by one of her rulings.  Yet I have always defended her to my clients and […]

More thoughts on the election of judges

Shortly after the South Carolina Supreme Court rejected Judge Segars-Andrews’ appeal seeking to overturn the decision of the Judicial Merit Selection Commission that she was unqualified to remain a judge, I blogged about the difficulties in designing a good system to select judges: How else should we select judges? In today’s New York Times, former […]

How else should we select judges?

Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those others that have been tried. – Winston Churchill It’s clear that the Supreme Court’s Per Curiam opinion (an opinion in which the author remains anonymous) in Segars-Andrews v. Judicial Merit Selection Commission, 387 S.C. 109, 691 S.E.2d 453 (2010), was painful for the Justices to […]

Judge Segars-Andrews’s appeal

Judge Segars-Andrews’ complaint was dismissed by the Supreme Court today: Segars-Andrews v. Judicial Merit Selection Commission, 387 S.C. 109, 691 S.E.2d 453 (2010). I assume this means she will not be a family court judge after her term expires on June 30th.  While the Supreme Court’s decision wasn’t surprising–appellate courts try hard to not find the actions of […]

Judicial Merit Selection Commission report on Judge F.P. Segars-Andrews

The Judicial Merit Selection Commission report on Judge F.P. Segars-Andrews can be located here. It appears my concern that Mr. Simpson and his attorney may have sandbagged Judge Segars-Andrews about the alleged conflict created by the business relationship between her husband and Ms. Simpson’s attorney is not borne out by the facts.  It’s finally clear […]

Judge F.P. Segars-Andrews’ troubles

If one reads the comments on the Charleston Post and Courier’s web site regarding the Judicial Merit Selection Commission’s preliminary decision that Judge F.P. Segars-Andrews is unqualified to remain a family court judge because of her handling of a divorce case in which there was a business relationship between her husband’s law partner and one […]

Abuse and neglect mediations

The Chief Administrative Judge for the Charleston County Family Court, F.P. Segars-Andrews, has instituted mandatory mediation for all DSS abuse and neglect cases.  Volunteers, such as myself, spend Friday mornings acting as mediators. I have mediated two abuse and neglect cases the past two weeks, with both reaching settlement, and will be volunteering one Friday […]


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