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A great week

I spent Thursday evening at Susan Synter’s going-away party.  It was attended by a bunch of newly licensed attorneys practicing family law, many of whom I am formally or informally mentoring and one of whom just announced she was taking a break from the law and heading to Paris.  We discussed how their careers and […]

The picayune distinction between amended and supplemental pleadings

Are there other family law attorneys out there who file supplemental pleadings?  In my sixteen plus years of family court practice, I can’t recall any.  Instead, they always appear to file amended pleadings.  I think there’s a difference between an amended pleading and a supplemental pleading.  Given the right circumstances, one could make an issue […]

New Frequently Asked Questions

The ability to easily add pages to my web site combined with the increasing understanding that many clients and potential clients ask me similar questions that cannot easily be explained orally and can best be convincingly explained in writing and with hypertext links has inspired a flurry of Frequently Asked Question drafting.  Basically, when I […]


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