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Shameless plug

Will Moredock, columnist for the Charleston City Paper has plugged my blog on the City Paper’s web site:  Gregory Forman – A Lawyer Who Understands More Than Law.  Thanks Will!

What we got here is a failure to communicate

A few months ago I tried an initial custody case involving an eight-year old child on behalf of the father against a pro se mother.  Patel v. Patel, 359 S.C. 515, 533, 599 S.E.2d 114 (2004), stands for the proposition that “there is an assumption that custody will be awarded to the primary caretaker.” Aware […]

Getting the Child Heard lecture

My materials for a February 9, 2010 National Business Institute lecture on Advance Family Law are available here:  Getting the Child Heard

Rules of engagement

Sometimes I think I have potential as a marriage counselor if and when I hang up my law license.  Sixteen years of practicing family law and, if you’re paying attention, you begin to learn why marriages work and why they go bad.  Typically they go bad not because one spouse or the other changed for […]

My expectations for the guardian ad litem

Recently I fussed at a guardian of whom I am quite fond.  It’s never comfortable to fuss at folks one likes but I come from a culture where it’s considered better form to let others know one’s expectations than to remain silent and not allow others to meet these expectations or explain why they are […]


My wife, Karen Klickstein-Forman, LISW-CP, and I co-mediated our first cases today, mediating three abuse and neglect cases in the Charleston County Family Court, completely settling two and settling the treatment plan, but not the merits finding, in the third case. Social worker-attorney teams are considered quite effective in co-mediating family law issues, as are […]

Family leave = family values

80° sunny day in Charleston and my morning calendar fell apart…so I decided to do lunch at my second grader’s school.  After lunch I organized an impromptu game of basketball for her and her classmates. Going to lunch at her school communicates love and care.  It is largely the privilege of the unemployed (many “stay-at-home” […]

Entrepreneurial cognizance within the professions

Last week Thomas L. Friedman, three-time Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times columnist, wrote a piece describing the current recession as largely caused by “an education breakdown on Main Street.”  He singled out the legal profession, noting: A Washington lawyer friend recently told me about layoffs at his firm. I asked him who was […]


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