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No skin in the game

Rather than purchase a “starter home” (which I define as a modest first home one seeks to trade-up for as soon as one has moved in) my wife and I rented until we could afford a home we actually loved.  However, rather than purchasing the nicest home we could afford, we chose to purchase the […]

Mentoring newly licensed attorneys

In December 2008, the South Carolina Supreme Court reestablished a second pilot mentoring program, in which all qualifying lawyers admitted to the Bar between March 1, 2009, and January 1, 2011 are required to have a mentor.  Since I attribute much of my professional success to the numerous informal mentors early in my career [kudos to The Honorable […]

Abuse and neglect mediations

The Chief Administrative Judge for the Charleston County Family Court, F.P. Segars-Andrews, has instituted mandatory mediation for all DSS abuse and neglect cases.  Volunteers, such as myself, spend Friday mornings acting as mediators. I have mediated two abuse and neglect cases the past two weeks, with both reaching settlement, and will be volunteering one Friday […]

Does procedural due process mandate testimony at family court temporary hearings in South Carolina?

Our Supreme Court is confused and conflicted on testimony at family court temporary hearings.  Rule 21(b), SCRFC (a rule promulgated by the Supreme Court) states, “ [e]vidence received by the court at temporary hearings shall be confined to pleadings, affidavits, and financial declarations unless good cause is shown to the court why additional evidence or testimony may […]

Small small victory

An appeal I handled for a local colleague, Douglas Barker, resulted in a published opinion today (July 29, 2009) from the Court of Appeals in Spreeuw v. Barker, 385 S.C. 45, 682 S.E.2d 843 (Ct. App. 2009).  It represents a small, perhaps Pyrrhic, victory.  Ms. Spreeuw did not prevail in a single issue in her […]

Mediation training and certification

I just completed the five-day, 40-hour Family Court Mediation Training offered by the South Carolina bar and led by Mary Lowndes Bryan and C. Cotton Harness, III, both of whom were excellent instructors.  Not only did the class explain and demonstrate the basics of providing mediation services in family court, it also offered lessons in […]

Irresponsible baby daddies

One day I may post a blog describing my research on why the methods that South Carolina uses to collect back child support (sarcastically referred to as “Daddy Round-Ups”) are an improper use of the court’s civil contempt powers.  However, even if the current uses of civil contempt to collect back child support are improper, I […]

The dual faces of helicopter parenting

I had lunch at my younger daughter’s elementary school today.  I am blessed to live and work within a half mile (10 minute bike ride) of her school and even more blessed that my job as a self-employed attorney gives me the flexibility to take time from work on slow days to have lunch with […]


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