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Dumpster diving the family court files

When I first started practicing family law an early mentor, William J. Hamilton, III, told me that, “the evidence for a thousand divorces lies in the family court files.”  What he meant is that many an adultery divorce was obtained without the spouse of the other party to the adultery being aware of the infidelity. […]

When you are your own attorney

A quote I often hear ascribed to the incomparable Gedney M. Howe, III (though I have never actually heard him say it) is: When you tell me something, I am your attorney; when you don’t tell me something, you are your own attorney. That bit of wisdom demonstrates the insights of an experienced attorney.  Clients–for […]

Thank you

I opened my law practice exactly eighteen years ago today.  Unlike many of the young attorneys I admire, such as Jenny Moser, T. Ryan Phillips or Anna Galle, it wasn’t a first choice but more of a last resort.  I’d been unhappy in my two previous associate positions and decided not to accept a third associate […]

Mentoring newly licensed attorneys

In December 2008, the South Carolina Supreme Court reestablished a second pilot mentoring program, in which all qualifying lawyers admitted to the Bar between March 1, 2009, and January 1, 2011 are required to have a mentor.  Since I attribute much of my professional success to the numerous informal mentors early in my career [kudos to The Honorable […]


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