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Posted Friday, November 18th, 2011 by Gregory Forman
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I opened my law practice exactly eighteen years ago today.  Unlike many of the young attorneys I admire, such as Jenny Moser, T. Ryan Phillips or Anna Galle, it wasn’t a first choice but more of a last resort.  I’d been unhappy in my two previous associate positions and decided not to accept a third associate position that I didn’t think would be a good fit either.  Instead, with the encouragement of William J. Hamilton, III, and Nicholas Clekis, I decided to open my own practice and see where my career developed.

Eighteen years later, it’s developed better than I had any right to hope, let alone expect.  Though family law practice has its frustrations, I genuinely love what I do (I hope my blog demonstrates the joy I find in this practice) and find satisfaction in having helped many people find greater happiness and peace in their domestic relationships.

Every day I think about how lucky I am that fellow attorneys assisted me, experienced judges were patient with me, and folks in need of legal assistance were willing to trust me with their problems.  If I don’t express this as often as I should, that is my failing.

So to all my legal colleagues and judges who have shown me kindness and all the past and former clients who have trusted me with their problems: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

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  1. Greg:

    I am in my second year of practice, and I have been privileged to have a brilliant mentor to guide me along the way. While we’re thanking people, I wanted to pass along my gratitude both to my mentor and to experienced attorneys like you who take an interest in shepherding us younger lawyers through the Family Court quagmire. So, on behalf of myself and other young lawyers who you and your colleagues have helped–thank you.


  2. Jodi Bennett says:

    You are welcome but thank you too for being so knowledgeable in your work and for helping us in times of despair, sadness, and emotionally charged situations. You my friend are a gifted lawyer!

  3. Greg — Congratulations! I also never expected my legal career would take the path that it has — my law firm opened in May of 1997, and I have never looked back. Sometimes you have frustrated me — but I have always respected you and consider you a friend and dear colleague! Again, congratulations on the long run. Keep up the great blog. af

  4. Congratulations on this achievement. You have been a valuable and trusted resource and confidant for domestic attorneys and the members of the Charleston County Bar in general. I can assure you that I have felt more comfortable handling Family Law appointments – an area in which I had precious little experience – after picking your brain. Many thanks to you for your professionalism and high level of competence!

  5. Jeff Schreiber says:

    Congratulations, Greg.

  6. Paul D. Schwartz says:

    Congratulations Greg . I look forward to and usually learn something I can use from your blogs. Keep up the good work !

  7. Greg~Thank you for the kind words. It is nice you remembered “our anniversary”. I am still waiting for the flowers and box of candy…You went from a nervous newby to one of the most respected in the family law profession. Your published articles and reported opinions speak volumes of your expertise and understanding of the law. I have seen you mentor countless lawyers young and old and I know when I come to you with a question, it is being answered accurately. Keep on keepin on and continue to pay it forward. Congrats on your 18 years here!!!

  8. Stanley Feldman says:

    Happy Anniversary! I propose a toast, as soon as I get some more Black Maple Hill!

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