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Dan Savage on the virtues of infidelity

An interesting piece in tomorrow’s New York Times Sunday Magazine, Married, with Infidelities, highlights my favorite relationship advice columnist, Dan Savage, and his views on marriage and monogamy. In his relationship column, Savage Love, Dan observes many of the same problems with contemporary marriage that I see in my divorce practice: the tensions and conflicts […]

How stringent is the definition of monogamy?

I went with my wife, Karen, to see Ted and Melanie at Theatre 99 for Piccolo Fringe on Friday night.  Noticing a number of women alone or in pairs carrying six packs of beer or bottles of wine, I posted to Facebook: @ Piccolo Fringe. Numerous attractive young women carrying copious amounts of alcohol. I feel like […]

The sexless marriage

Last week the New York Times ran a blog titled When Sex Leaves the Marriage. Practice family law for over fifteen years and you’ll witness first-hand how most marriages that fail break down over children, money or sex.  Thus, I spend a great deal of time thinking about how sex should impact divorce issues. In […]


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