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Less adultery = more divorce?

While many in our culture believe contemporary folks wallow in sin, merely from the fact that women in our culture expect greater respect than they might have expected fifty or one hundred years ago makes me believe that the amount of male infidelity is actually declining over time.  The multiple and long-term affairs of Franklin […]

Religious hypocrisy is not “family values” hypocrisy

Though I am not very religiously observant I find it disturbing that our culture considers religious men (or women) who act less than virtuous to be hypocrites.  Our culture tars such folks as hypocritical when they are caught cheating (either on finances or spouses), as though being religious means being perfect. My understanding is that […]

Legal obligations versus ethical obligations: Why should parents have to support their adult children?

We live in a culture that increasingly confuses ethical obligations with legal ones.  For example, I believe I am ethically obligated to help out those less fortunate and to contribute something to my community; however I would not force others to give to charity or do community service.  Others might believe it is their ethical […]

The sexless marriage

Last week the New York Times ran a blog titled When Sex Leaves the Marriage. Practice family law for over fifteen years and you’ll witness first-hand how most marriages that fail break down over children, money or sex.  Thus, I spend a great deal of time thinking about how sex should impact divorce issues. In […]


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