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Is South Carolina heading the wrong path potentially expanding fault divorce?

In 1969 California became the first state to allow no-fault divorce. In 2010 New York became the last state to allow it. In the interim, the other 48 states began authorizing no-fault divorce, with some abolishing fault grounds for divorce altogether and others, like South Carolina, retaining fault grounds while adding a no-fault ground. When […]

Should there be a uniform waiting period for a no-fault divorce?

I rarely blog on proposed family law legislation.  Often legislation fizzles to nothing: in my twenty years of practice bills to abolish common law marriage or reform alimony had gone nowhere.  Other times bills become radically altered during the legislative process.  Within the past few years a bill to make grandparent visitation more uniform ended […]

What does it all mean?

Recent Charleston School of Law graduate Asher Watson has asked me questions about recently enacted (effective June 26, 2012) South Carolina House Bill 3400, which modifies S.C. Code § 63-3-530(A)(17), a subsection of the family court code that explains when child support terminates.  That code section previously read that “The family court has exclusive jurisdiction:” […]

New statute codifies law on alimony modification upon retirement

One of my blog’s readers posted a comment linking a new statute that codifies the law on modifying alimony upon the supporting spouse’s retirement.  South Carolina House bill 4738, which went into effect June 18, 2012, adds subsection B to S.C. Code § 20-3-170.  This new subsection reads: Retirement by the supporting spouse is sufficient […]

Who does South Carolina House Bill 4614 really benefit?

Yesterday two different family law attorneys emailed me seeking my thoughts about the recently-enacted South Carolina House Bill 4614. Since most of the family court legislation that gets proposed never gets passed, I don’t spend my time following proposed family laws. However being informed that the bill had been enacted and being aware that various […]


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