My sister, Gayle Forman, on being an asshole—or not

Posted Monday, October 11th, 2010 by Gregory Forman
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I am not the best writer in my family.  That honor clearly goes to my kid sister, Gayle Forman (the “kid” just turned 40 in June), who writes young adult novels.  Gayle’s last novel, If I Stay, was a New York Times best seller and the sequel, Where She Went, is due out in Spring (or at Christmas if you live in France).

I have meant to write a blog about the damage caused by our culture’s rampant homophobia (at least among certain segments of our population) and how it’s part of a larger, ugly trend towards incivility in our political culture at large.  I no longer need to write that blog as Gayle’s done it for me: on being an asshole—or not.

One thought on My sister, Gayle Forman, on being an asshole—or not

  1. Kid Sister says:

    Thanks, big brother. I appreciate the kind words.
    The other writer in the family.

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