Didn’t she read the owner’s manual?

Posted Friday, June 24th, 2011 by Gregory Forman
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Went to another temporary hearing yesterday to “learn” from reading the opposing party-wife’s affidavit that my husband-client likes to “drink beer” and “visit adult websites.”  Well duh.

Aren’t women reading the owner’s manual before purchasing husbands?  I’m pretty sure it notes that husbands like to drink beer and visit adult websites.  Admittedly when a husband is downing a six pack (or two) of beer every night or visiting adult websites with such frequency that his presence within the family becomes some fabled rumor–like bigfoot sightings–this behavior is noteworthy and relevant.  But too often I merely read about my client consuming beer and porn as though consumption of these items in moderation somehow made him a bad husband or a bad father.

Obviously some wives and family law attorneys think family court judges respond to these allegations.  The irony is these allegations have been made so often against so many husbands that I think even family court judges have become inured to them.  Perhaps our culture has matured to the point where even social conservatives have accepted the obvious: men like alcohol and sex.[1]  Any wife surprised by this needs to reread her owner’s manual.


[1] Rumor has it that women like these things too.

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