President Obama: Marriage Counselor

If Barack Obama loses the 2012 presidential election, I think the man may have found his next calling: marriage counselor.  As quoted by Maureen Dowd in today’s New York Times:

Everybody cannot get 100 percent of what they want. Now, for those of you who are married, there is an analogy here. I basically let Michelle have 90 percent of what she wants. But, at a certain point, I have to draw the line and say, “Give me my little 10 percent. ”

It appears like he understands modern marriage.


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  • Jill

    Greg, I trust your implication is that this is a Woody Allen type moment, in that each partner in a marriage feels s/he is giving up 90%!

    • Jill:

      That would certainly be a woman’s perspective. It might even be an accurate perspective. As a married man, I have no further comment.

  • ed hawkins

    I think Mark Twain was more accurate. He said that he and his wife discuss a matter thoroughly, then they compromise and do what his wife wants.

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