I’ve got new plans for Valentine’s Day

The parade of human misery passing by judges dealing with marital disputes must lead many to despair.  The rare tales of a judge doing something creative to resolve these disputes are often amusing.  Consider the Florida judge who finding a husband’s domestic violence towards his wife to be “very, very minor,” sentenced him to take his wife on a date.  The requirements of the date included buying her flowers, dining at Red Lobster, and then taking her bowling.

Red Lobster?  Bowling?  Really?  Obviously I’ve taken no census on the number of wives I’ve encountered in my decades of family law practice who would be appeased by Red Lobster and bowling but I doubt it’s many.

So my question for my lady readers: is this judge’s sentence justice or just more domestic abuse in another form?  Either way, I’ve got new plans for Valentine’s Day.

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