I’ve got new plans for Valentine’s Day

Posted Sunday, February 12th, 2012 by Gregory Forman
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The parade of human misery passing by judges dealing with marital disputes must lead many to despair.  The rare tales of a judge doing something creative to resolve these disputes are often amusing.  Consider the Florida judge who finding a husband’s domestic violence towards his wife to be “very, very minor,” sentenced him to take his wife on a date.  The requirements of the date included buying her flowers, dining at Red Lobster, and then taking her bowling.

Red Lobster?  Bowling?  Really?  Obviously I’ve taken no census on the number of wives I’ve encountered in my decades of family law practice who would be appeased by Red Lobster and bowling but I doubt it’s many.

So my question for my lady readers: is this judge’s sentence justice or just more domestic abuse in another form?  Either way, I’ve got new plans for Valentine’s Day.

5 thoughts on I’ve got new plans for Valentine’s Day

  1. MJ Goodwin says:

    Have you seen the movie “Beer for My Horses”? In that classic flick, a gentleman (I use the term in the loosest sense), reconciles with his wife by taking her out for “catfish and hushpuppies”. I had not considered that they were going to Red Lobster. But I suppose that is possible. When I first moved to Anderson, Red Lobster was one of the fanciest restaurants here. It was also referred to as “The Red Lobster.” So I guess it is all relative. From my perspective, if I didn’t have to cook it, it’s pretty good.

  2. I think it would have been more effective if the judge had sentenced him to 10 loads of laundry, a week’s worth of cooking, a whole house cleaning, child care for 2 girls’ nights out, and an hour long foot massage. Dinner at Red Lobster is adding insult to the wife’s injury, no?

  3. Flowers yes. Red Lobster no. Bowling definitely not. Sounds like cruel and unusual punishment.

  4. MJ Goodwin says:

    I should add that I personally do not care for bowling. And a man is never hotter than when he is vacuuming or loading the dishwasher.

  5. Jenny Moser says:

    While I think the judge was taking a huge risk by sentencing the parties to time together following a domestic violence charge, I cannot imagine how Red Lobster could make anything better for this couple.

    I have to say, however, I was out quite a bit with my kids this past weekend, and almost everywhere we went, I saw dads out with their kids eating, going to movies, etc. No moms in sight (except me, of course). I agree with Allison that sometimes the best Valentine’s Day gift a father can give a mother is time to unwind or go hang with her girlfriends without kids in tow.

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