Impeaching a guardian ad litem who’s gone (too) rogue

Posted Saturday, October 6th, 2012 by Gregory Forman
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Twenty years experience shows that there’s some validity to Robert Rosen’s jaundiced view of guardians ad litem in private custody cases, best expressed by the title of one of his articles for South Carolina Lawyer: “Getting Rid of the GAL: How to Save Your Client from Those Expensive, Unnecessary Officious Intermeddlers.”  As Rosen’s article notes:

I have rarely been involved in a custody case in which the GAL contributed anything except to the cost. That contribution is usually significant. This is not to say that guardians cannot be useful. Of course, they can be, and there are undoubtedly some cases which guardians have helped settle or have given useful advice. But, the same would be true in a wreck case or a medical malpractice case. If there were a guardian involved, he or she could also give some useful advice to both the plaintiff and the defendant. In general, GALs merely add another lawyer with another hourly rate to talk to the same witnesses, sit at the same depositions and present an opinion which is usually as valuable (as lacking in value) as the opinion of the lawyer for the wife or the lawyer for the High School. Many times their opinions are worthless. GALs add nothing to the litigation except another batch of subjective opinions based on their own childhood experiences, their own marriage(s) and children and their own view of the world. Family court lawyers admit all this privately to each other, while they pander to and praise GALs who are on their side….

It is, therefore, my unshakeable belief that avoiding a guardian ad litem is an important service to your client because: (1) it saves money; (2) does away with another wild card in the case; (3) is one less person to have to listen to, accommodate, humor and deal with; and (4) and most importantly, the GAL can always recommend against your client, which is usually fatal, as judges generally place entirely too much value on their “impartial” recommendations

While I agree with many of Rosen’s criticisms of guardians, I believe there are some tasks a guardian is uniquely qualified and useful to perform in child custody cases.  Unlike the parents’ attorneys or the family court judge, a guardian can go into both parents’ homes multiple times to observe the living situation and to observe parent-child interaction.  A guardian can ask the parents to answer questions about the incidents and disputes that come up in most custody cases and expect honest answers (and note a party’s failure or refusal to answer).  A guardian can meet with the children multiple times and develop an understanding of their concerns and wishes.  A guardian can observe the child with third-party care givers and provide (assumably unbiased) observations on the child’s level of comfort with such care givers.

Some guardians do excellent work investigating and reporting on important custody issues that the court would otherwise have imprecise or inaccurate knowledge.  However some guardians do slipshod work: developing a clear dislike of one party that colors every aspect of their investigation and report or failing to investigate important issues that they are in the best position to analyze

We can think of such guardians as going rogue.  Their reports will be neither impartial nor balanced but the court rarely has a good basis to discount or ignore them.  Further, especially when working with a guardian for the first time or with an inexperienced guardian, it is impossible to predict when a guardian will do a thorough, impartial job and when a guardian will “go rogue.”  Complaining about a guardian’s unfavorable testimony or report at the time of trial is often treated by the court as a symptom of the party’s unhappiness with the guardian rather than as the guardian’s failure to be thorough and impartial.  Thus one needs to employ strategies that demonstrate a guardian’s (potential) inadequacies at the beginning of the case rather than waiting until the end of the case to develop the attack.

Sometimes when I am the guardian the only communication I initially receive from a parent’s attorney is the client’s contact information and the paperwork that client has filed with the court.  More typically I will get a list of witnesses the attorney wants me to talk to.  Rarely will I get a listing of the actual investigation the attorney and parent would like me to undertake.  The witness list will sometimes include folks like teachers, coaches, counselors and care providers but often it’s a list of friends and family.  Everyone–the judges, the attorneys, the guardian–assumes such friends and family will say favorable things about the parent and if one wants the judge to know that these friends and family like the client the way to do that is to call them as witnesses at trial.  Most guardians neither want or need an investigation to determine that a parent’s friends and family think well of him or her.

A witness-based investigation request isn’t completely worthless but it’s not very useful and cannot be used to subject a guardian to later claims of incompetence, incompleteness or bias.  If I am asked why I didn’t talk to a number of a party’s friends or family members, I can easily defend the attack by answering:

I wanted to be careful with the parties’ resources by not spending time investigating undisputed issues.  I read their affidavits.  I saw they liked their friend/family member.  From their affidavits, they did not appear to have spent a significant amount of time with the child(ren) [I often interview friends and family members on request if their affidavit shows they spent substantial time with the child(ren)] and I didn’t see that they had much else to add.

The key to being able to show a guardian’s investigation is incomplete or biased is to provide the guardian clear written guidelines at the beginning of the case of what issues one’s client would like the guardian to investigate.  I call this an “issue based,” as opposed to “witness based,” investigation.  Obviously the issues one will ask the guardian to investigate are those that one expects the investigation will uncover information favorable to the client and unfavorable to the opposing party.  In asking a guardian to investigate a particular issue I might ask the guardian to do certain tasks or talk to certain witnesses.

For example, in a case in which the opposing party claims that my client interferes in his relationship with their child because she simply doesn’t respect the role of fathers, I might ask the guardian to talk to the father of one of her other children.  The portion of my issue-based investigation request might read as follows:

One of the issues in this case is whether my client is unduly resistant to the other parent’s relationship with the child.  My client has another child with another father and she and that father get along well.   I would ask you to meet with and speak to this father, and, if possible, speak to her other child at that father’s house.  We would ask your report to include an analysis of her co-parenting with this other father.

Another example is a custody case in which my client is seeking joint or sole custody in part based on a claim that he has successfully co-parented an older child with a different parent.  My request to the guardian might read as follows:

One of the reasons my client believes he should get joint or primary physical custody is his excellent track record of parenting another, older child.  We would ask you to meet with and speak to the mother of this child and to their child.  We would ask your report to include an analysis of his track record as a co-parent.

It is important to conclude the written communication to the guardian with the following language:

I am assuming that you agree the investigation I am asking you to undertake is relevant to understanding and advocating the child(ren)’s best interests and I therefore will expect you to undertake the investigation I propose.  If there is any part of this requested investigation that you are uncomfortable undertaking or believe is not useful to understanding the child(ren)’s best interests, please indicate in writing which portions of this investigation you are unwilling to undertake so that my client and I can determine whether further action is necessary.  If I do not hear back from you I will assume that you have no issue undertaking the investigation I propose and will do so.

The reason for concluding with such language is that it pushes the guardian towards either undertaking the investigation you propose or subjecting the guardian to a cross examination that will undermine the guardian’s report and testimony.  If the guardian indicates he or she is unwilling to undertake a portion of the investigation one proposes, one can then move to remove the guardian due to his or her unwillingness to undertake a thorough investigation (this assumes that the investigation the guardian is unwilling to undertake is not excessive and is material to understanding the child(ren)’s best interests).  If the guardian simply fails to investigate one of the important enumerated issues, one can use this written communication to the guardian to develop an effective cross examination:

Q. You received this communication from me early in the case asking you to investigation the following issues:

Q. That communication asked you to inform me in writing if you were unwilling to do this

Q. You never informed me in writing that you were unwilling to do this

Q. You would agree that this issue is important to understanding the best interests of the children [assuming this is the case, you really don’t care how the guardian answers this: if the guardian admits it, it strengthens your position; if the guardian denies it, the guardian appears inept]

Q. You have failed to investigate this issue

Q. Your report fails to address this issue

Q. My request further indicates the steps I suggested you undertake to investigate this issue

Q. You didn’t undertake any of these steps

Q. Your investigation is incomplete [again, you don’t really care how the guardian answers this: an admission strengthens your position; a denial makes the guardian appear inept]

Q. In failing to investigate an issue important to my client, your investigation is biased against my client

Q. In failing to inform me in writing that you were not going to undertake this investigation, you prevented me from taking action to remedy this problem while the case was ongoing

Q. This failure again prejudiced my client

There are some cases in which a guardian may investigate an issue but do a very haphazard or one-sided job of investigating or reporting.  Assuming that there is minimal evidence supporting the guardian’s conclusion and substantial evidence undermining it, an effective cross examination script might be as follows:

Q. I asked you to investigate the following issue:

Q. You investigated that issue and found as follows:

Q. You’ve heard the testimony and seen the evidence elicited so far at trial.

Q. You would acknowledge that the only testimony and evidence supporting your position is as follows:

Q. You would acknowledge the following testimony and evidence contradicts your position:

Q. Wouldn’t you agree that the greater weight of the evidence is contrary to your report [an admission is unlikely but extremely helpful; a denial subjects the guardian to inferences of incompetence or bias]

At the time of a contested trial, one party is routinely unhappy with the guardian’s report and testimony, and the court expects that party to attack the guardian.  This cross examination script enables an attorney to demonstrate that the client’s request to discount the guardian’s recommendations is not based on an unfavorable report but based on an incomplete, incompetent or biased investigation.  A judge is much more likely to discount the guardian’s testimony and report if one can demonstrate incompetence, incompleteness or bias.

The best way to undermine a guardian who’s “gone rogue” is start with an understanding of what you believe the guardian needs to investigate that would support your client’s position.  This involves both highlighting the client’s strengths (and the opposing party’s weaknesses) and undermining the client’s weaknesses (and the opposing party’s strengths).  Then develop a record that will lead to a conclusion of guardian bias or incompetence if the guardian either fails to undertake this investigation or does so inadequately.  Doing so enables one to effectively attack the guardian without it being perceived of as yet another attorney who is merely unhappy with the guardian because the guardian is not supporting the client’s position.

This strategy cannot undermine every unfavorable guardian: there’s many cases in which the guardian’s investigation accurately uncovers a number of problems with one’s own client or simply determines the other parent has more strengths.  Other cases might involve an honest difference of opinion as to what the actual facts show.  However, for a guardian who simply is one sided and refuses to investigate or acknowledge one’s client’s good points, or the opposing party’s bad points, this strategy is the most effective one I’ve seen.

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  1. Tom Melograno says:

    Round 2

    1. DC parent says:

      The solution to the GAL problem is fourfold. Each jurisdiction
      should: (a) have a law, or enact one, providing a legal presumption of joint physical and legal custody (see DC law, etc.), (b) by court rule, require an inter-parent communication plan be in place throughout the entirety of any minor child-related litigation (see Indiana rules of court), particularly cases between natural parents of minor children, (c) by court rule have mandatory mediation, essentially in place of litigation, at all stages of cases between biological parents of minor children (South Carolina is the only state where no exceptions to the use of mediation are fudged into the rules), (d) have regulations governing the use of 3d parties (parent coordinators, GALs, supervisors, experts, etc.)–i.e., greatly limiting their use in
      separation, divorce, custody and access cases, and imposing
      strict rules on the scope and duration of their activities, and on
      their authority. For example, any such appointees must have accredited training in family mediation and in following “neutrality protocol,” if they are to be appointed in intra-family cases. The neutrality protocol and training would ensure such 3d parties do not make any contacts with, or send any reports to, the court, only to the parents). The scope of their work should be limited, in all child custody/access cases, to facilitating inter-parent communication,
      mediation, cooperation and agreement. All appointees should be required to remain neutral as between the parents, zealously neutral, and like mediators, not appear in or address the court. Without
      such common-sense court rules and protocol, 3d party appointees,
      left to their own devices, many/most of them will simply harm the
      children and parents, take sides, usurp the judicial role, escalate costs,
      conflict, etc.; it’s human nature, and in lawyer/profit-driven family courts, human nature on steroids.


    2. Tom Melograno says:

      Round 3, 4, 5 and 6

  2. michelle ammon says:

    Can my children be denied mail if i have mailed it to there gurdian or can the guardian read it and have to supply the contents
    East Liverpool, OH | Wednesday at 4:29pm
    I have been fighting a court battle for 4 yrs no i have completed every thing by cps and the judge… i had court yesterday and they were going to put me on supervised visits after 2 yrs of 9.4 i have not gottn n to n e trouble or n e thing.. the judge had put n writing i could not drink with n 24hrs of getting the children which i had not done when i stated i drank after the kids had left with in his guidelines he screamed and said why drink at all?? So i had walked out of the court denying to go back to step 1 supervised visit that started nearly 4 yrs ago..

    – Read Less

  3. Christina Norwood says:

    I wanted to know, is it unethical for a GAL not to do at least one visitation with the father and his 2 son’s, after she told the courts she would be doing so. She also, never met with the boys or their father to talk about anything. She stopped “supervised” visitation which I was one of the supervisors, she told me she was stopping visitation and then told the courts to TPR because he failed to see the boys. She also told me, “I never wanted to give him visitation to begin with”. She had her mind made up before she ever met the father. And, she told the courts she just “didn’t have time to do a home visit on weekends.” But she knew he would only have the boys everyother weekend. She also had her assistant give the father the name of the wrong drug test. Without singed paperwork in hand she sent him for the wrong test, he did pass. But because it was the wrong one and he did not have the money to pay for another one for several weeks because he was living on unemployment, she ask for the TPR. Then one judge put child support on “abeyance”, one called it “suspended”, DSS said he should have a modification, the judge never addressed it, child support was still on “hold”, so because no child support had been paid until the judge ordered to start again, she ask for the TPR. The mother was in contempt of Court because she didn’t bring the boys to the first visitation, but his first attorney did not file contempt charges. Then, his current wife made charges of CDV, burglary and breaking a order of protection that he new nothing about. All those were dropped, but before they were dropped, the judge gave him Joint Custody of his two daughters, 2 & 3 yrs old. All this makes no sense at all!! He filed an appeal, they denied it. He file with the Supreme Court, they denied in December. They’re are lies, deceptions, set-ups, ethic violations, from the ex, the ex’s mother, attorneys, judges that overturned other judges for NO good reason and a GAL that played the courts to the highest level she could!! This father needs help!! He has list his boys because of a unjust legal system and people who know how to play it!!! What does he do next. Oh, by the way, he was trying to pay child support and the Clerk of Court and DSS sent it back to him. There is a canceled check to prove it. Everything I have said, there is proof of. Please help with the direction to go next. He has less than two months if he has a 90 day time line to go Federal!!! Something is really bad wrong with all of this. You may call me at 864-903-4985. I have his POA, because he is broke at this point! He brought the action to begin with for visitation and a child support modification. Instead, they set him up to terminate his parental rights!! UNBELIEVABLE!!

    1. Mallnut says:

      Sounds familiar. The GAL interfered with the psych eval WHILE I WAS TAKING IT! She called the evaluator up and told all the lies my ex said about me and the evaluator wrote that down in her report. My ex is trying to make me look crazy and lose parental rights and the GAL, his attorney and judge have colluded to make it happen.

  4. Clarence Arnold says:

    If a Guardian Ad Litem was informed by me as the full custodian that one of my children came to me after a supervised visit at the hospital with my other child that is in I.C.U. and told me that her mom told the child the other was dying, but the other child wasn’t dying and its been 5 days straight and the G.A.L. has not even investigated it or even spoke to the child to confirm or investigate the child was told that by the mom in front of the visit supervisor at all what do I do? Also she asked the visit supervisor and said she believes the supervisor without talking to the child when the child is her client and she shouldn’t call the child a liar. Please someone tell me something.

  5. cassandra says:

    Is there ever a circumstance to bring litigation against a GAL for “going rogue” and, if so, how to get around the limited immunity that most GALs enjoy an officer of the court?

  6. Jill says:

    Hello, I am a now adult child who was removed from my mothers care and placed with my abusive father due to the recommendation of the GAL. My mother fled the abuse and had limited resources for court. My father hired the most highly regarded lawyer in the area. The GAL did not listen to me, my siblings or my mother and misrepresented many things in her report. My father was granted sole custody and i was subject again to the abuse that my mother was attempting to get me away from. I am wanting to bring a lawsuit up against the GAL for placing me back into the abusive environment where the abuse escalated. I have gone over her report and find a lot of falsified information and information that seems to be red flags of my fathers abusive history. Is it possible to sue a GAL?

    1. Penny Allen says:

      Jurisdiction? GAL name? They are a public official and can expect no privacy. If they are corrupt the public needs to know. We can’t stand up against enemies we don’t know who they are.

    2. I4MBrian says:

      I concur with EkspozKitsap. Generally a grievance complaint can be filed against the GAL. I don’t believe there is a statute of limitations for that. As for lawsuits… there may be a statute of limitations that prevents you from suing. Either way, I would like to organize a group of former children who were abused by family courts. Essentially, what is happening to many children is what’s called fraud upon the court. It’s not legal and is quite evil. please email me at

    3. Farren says:

      Please contact me, this is going on right now with my children.

  7. Nick says:

    Having a GAL is the worst mistake you can make in a case more often then not they will man hate and bash dad. They won’t conduct any investigation and run up your legal fees through the roof, I don’t know why attorneys recommend them to their clients. If the judge assigns one to your case try your best to spit the costs 50/50.

    1. Mallnut says:

      I thought my attorney recommended the GAL in this case but it was actually my ex’s attorney who recommended her. Now she works for him and has taken away all my custody. It doesn’t just happen to fathers.

  8. Lisa Turner says:

    I have a father that is a abusive alcoholic but somehow got away with temporary custody because of something fathers lawyer accused mother of.How can this happen when the GAL should have investigated the father and his home.Noone has questioned the mother at all No visits from GAL but he did managed to go to school and put in place where mother can’t see child.Even though court has instructed them to seek therapy GAL is not making father do anything for this child.I feel is is causing more harm to this child allowing father to intimidate and coerce child.I would love to take this GAL to court and expose him.I am in process of speaking to a private investigator to see why he is so bias toward the mother.I want to charge the GAL with emotional abuse to this child.

    1. Nick says:

      The GAL is unusually protected because they are a officer of the court. It’s best to expose them before final disposition or hearing.

    2. Doreen says:

      Find out how many parents and children
      have been bankrupted or killed by the GAL
      in your case. Do the same with regard to
      the lawyers who proposed or appointed the
      GAL to your case. Get together with all of
      those families and form a defensive army.

      1. Angela says:

        Hello everyone, wow amazing that I found this page, I have been through almost 2 years of hell, my 25 year old daughter told me she was raped by a gang member and I a single mother if 2 children was heartbroken, felt like such a failure that I was not home from work yet, and scared fir this affiliation to come after us, we scattered and I moved to my friends house until I had a nervous breakdown and ended up in the hospital, only at that time had I known my best friend so I thought was really playing me and had become my 15 year old daughters best friend and told my daughter this plan if She wants to pthe rave it was meant for family reasons

    3. Jill says:

      Are you a lawyer? If you figure out how to go about taking a GAL to court please let me know. I would like to hold the GAL accountable for poor investigation and returning me back to my abusive father and the emotinal abuse that she caused me

      1. Peter says:

        Unsure how many people will see this, but I am in the middle of a custody battle with foster parents. Key affiliates to this case all reside in the same city in a Large county and up against a lot. Unbiased reports from GAL are evident and a system that won’t look at facts and easily distracted by “drama” filled content induced by the opposing counsel. Everything is 100% clean on my record, just purchased a new home, same employer since this case started 5 years ago, still with the same person that was once girlfriend and now wife of a few years, and have new born together. With all this in place, the court and GAL are having difficulties in changing their image of me. Anyone can please feel free to reach out.

    4. Penny Allen says:

      Would you care to share the Courts location? You’re not alone, we are looking for patterns in locations. We have a young man who has been harmed by a GAL who perjured himself. There is a audio recording which proves the perjury.. The investigation is showing possible corruption within the whole department and the Court administration. We are looking for other victims…To determine how deep the corruption might go and to band together to expose and hold them all accountable.

      1. Looking For Justice says:

        Are you aware of other victims? We are residing in Pittsburgh, PA. I’m certain that there is something underhanded taking place in the court, leaving my child at risk for additional abuse.

        1. Penny Allen says:

          This one is in Kitsap County Washington. There is at least one other victim whom I have talked to. I can tell you that the GAL works in the Juvenile Court Department with a co-worker who is married to a local police officer who has been caught (on video) in his patrol car out of his jurisdiction on the private property of the victims when they were not at home…on 3 separate occasions. Not sure how deep or high up the chain this goes but the juvenile folks sure drive fancy cars and live in pretty houses for public service workers? Any help information or advice is greatly appreciated.

          1. Zoey Smith says:

            Hi. Can you please send me your email address so we can connect? Mine is

        2. Penny Allen says:

          Only advice I can give you is to record everything! Audio is easy on your cell phone, you can download great apps for free. Video…when you can. But the audio is actually best because it can be transcribed and entered into the file very easily. There can be no expectation of privacy on their part- as officers gathering information to relate to the court. The law regarding right to privacy in this circumstance is is on your side.

          1. Looking For Justice says:

            I’m more than willing to record, but who could have ever imagined that the abuse of power and the judicial system was so rampant?

          2. Penny Allen says:

            It’s terribly frustrating. Especially for those who still believe the system will provide fairness and justice. Anyone who believes the Truth will prevail- is a fool. I know because I have been that fool. The legal system is in fact designed to destroy those whom it does not owe favor or those who do not have enough money to feed it. Even with recordings and photographs and eyewitnesses… in a court of law; Truth means nothing. BUT please don’t give up! That’s far worse. If you have evidence at least they are more careful about how quickly and how much of your soul they take- make sure they know you are not going to let them destroy the life of you and your child without a good fight. Record everything and guard the recordings by making several copies and disseminating them. Don’t throw anything away. Things you think are irrelevant now might become important later.

          3. EKspozKitsap says:

            I honestly believed the truth would prevail. It doesn’t, not in a Courtroom. I learned the hard way. He who has the most money or the most (potential ) political influence will prevail regardless of the truth.

      2. Shae Michelle says:


        1. Judge Judy says:

          yes we also are in a corrupt case here in Illinois feel free to email with any HELP !!! This is killing me to see a child go threw HELL ????

        2. Judge Judy says:

          shae michelle what county I am in dupage

      3. Larry Boyd says:

        I have similar issues with the GAL being bias towards a narcissistic mother of my children. The court is Kenton county KY. I would love to partake in exposing the corrupt system.

        1. Larry Boyd says:

          Please contact me so I can give my evidence of corruption in this system. For our childrens future we must not let this corruption stand.

          1. EKspozKitsap says:

            If you want to send information about your evidence to email address backyardswamp at gmail dot com. We will take a look at it. Not to help you in your case, we can’t do that, we aren’t lawyers, but we would like to help spread the word by informing others and share ideas about their own cases and how to protect themselves.

      4. Judge Judy says:


      5. Tracy says:

        I have a corrupt GAL on my case currently, she has injured several single Mothers and damaged their children per her google reviews as well. I believe she also had works out of some other states as well. She’s already misrepresented the children’s facts, and is blatantly rogue and wants my children to go to an abusive Father where they were failing school and sexually active at 8 years old.

      6. Peter says:

        Hope you get this as it was 2017 on your post, but if you want to know how “deep” a corrupted and aligned court system looks and what I am up against, please reach out anytime .

    5. EKspozKitsap says:

      GAL cannot go to a school and block a parent from seeing their child. If this happened, get documentation, get a signed declaration about what he told the school… whatever you can get and file it along with a motion to have him removed from your case. A GAL does not have the authority to do such a thing. Evidence of this should have him removed from your case. These GALs seem to think they are gods..well, they are not.
      I am not an attorney, but you don’t have to be to know that is an abuse of his (perceived) power.

  9. Penny Allen says:

    Can the GAL Committee refuse to provide the GAL’s response to a formal grievance to the grievant party?

    1. What GAL Committee? There is no mechanism to monitor lay guardians. It’s a flaw in the guardian ad litem system (and not the only one).

  10. Heather says:

    Hello there! I’m in Maine and at what I hope is the end of an 18 month trip through “Child welfare” hell. To make a long story short, CPS tortured me and my two children at the behest of their lying alcoholic and abusive father. Based on one piece of evidence he obtained illegally, that was years old CPS, and the GAL set aside consistent evidence of domestic abuse and alcoholism in order to crucify me…they gave sole custody to my ex in a heartbeat.

    Last fall the ex’s new girlfriend got sick of his abuse (temporarily) and after nine months of supplying CPS with story after made up story to keep me in their spotlight she got angry at him and completely recanted much of the BS she had been feeding them. The eye or Mordor finally shifted to him and – guess what – they discovered he’s a lying abusive alcoholic who had a flying monkey girlfriend lying for him and covering up his alcoholism. It took about three months for the fact that they had been lambasting me for months on a pack of lies to sink in but now the situation has completely reversed…except for the GAL.

    Early in this case this GAL disclosed to me an extensive history of pedophilia and said she felt her experiences with pedophilia were relevant to me. She has stated to me clearly domestic abuse is “irrelevant” and that the Ex’s girlfriend’s manipulation of the case is also “irrelevant” even though it is that which finally blew the doors open. She stopped barely short of calling me a pedophile, instead saying “Because I have had experience with my children being molested I do not believe you understand the ramifications of what you have done.”

    That was close to a year ago…fast forward to now and this woman has done some things that are making DHHS look at her cross-eyed even though they won’t tell me why. After the tectonic shift they required my ex to do a battery of things such as counseling, abusers treatment etc. He’s done none of it. Yet after a month of trying to get this guy to agree to a PR&R, and after he finally did, she made a phone call to him saying she supports him, and then a phone call to me saying what she did and why its unfair TO HIM and wants it changed. I have this very bullying phone call recorded!

    Now is being called a pedophile and her 11th hour meddling tactics coupled with a phone recording of her clearly trying to manipulate me and the situation in favor of the father. She kept trying to guide me into agreeing with her statements, which I refused. This woman who justified taking my children from me upon a three year old illegally created recording, blew off alcoholic behavior that is months old.

    This is in Biddeford Maine.

    1. Julie says:

      I am in Brunswick Maine and I am currently going through gal hell. Please will you get in touch with me? The report that the gal did was all based on lies my ex husband told her, including that she wrote while my husband was deployed with the Navy I would neglect my kids, my ex husband was never deployed with the Navy. She used no records, medical or otherwise to verify anything and only interviewed people that would back up my ex husbands lies. She didn’t even ask my kids counselor what she felt would be in her best interest, or for any documents. She also diagnosed me with a mental illness and the gal only met me once over a zoom meeting for less than 30 minutes and has no degree in psychology. I am currently writing a complaint against the gal and I would really like to talk to you. Please will you get in touch with me? Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

  11. Looking For Justice says:

    I am in the same situation. The GAL appointed to represent my child, only visited with us once and determined that it was “in the child’s best interest” to make amends with the parent who is sexually abusing them.

    Is there NOTHING that can be done?

    1. I4MBrian says:

      Was there a recommendation from a therapist? Is there even a therapist?

  12. Anita Kerstanski says:

    I have just finished a updated gal report. the court would not allow me to switch gals or have family services do the updated report. This man shows clear bias in both the first report and the updated. I have been the sole provider for my 3 daughters since trying to divorce for 2 years. He took everything their father said as the word of god. Even though he asked to see the psych eval we had done showing in the testing that he embellishes and lies to make himself look better. I provided documents proving these things of the 1st report done. again this updated one is none of my concerns were looked at but everything he says i have done or told to the kids were taken as truth. I now have trial may 23 and 24th. I was able to find previous gal reports hes done and all the ones i find he sides with the father except one updated he flipped and went with the mother. We both live with our parents at the moment but his mom and sister aremore than just helpful they are the parents out there and i brought that up and it was ignored. the guardian said both parties care and love there kids and are capable of raising them with parental supervision….. What kind of parent needs parental supervision and why is that ok with the GAL??? I need help on fighting it

    1. EKspozKitsap says:

      RECORD (cellphone recording download for free) every interaction with the GAL. You can tell him but you don’t have to tell him you are recording if you dont want to- its still admissible.

  13. EKspozKitsap says:

    Everyone who reads this should be aware that the corruption does not stop at your Guardian Ad Litem. The Courts condone and encourage GALs to favor one party over another. My case has been closed for a while now. I filed a grievance against the GAL believing that because I retained custody despite the GAL misconduct the Court would not think I was just griping because I didn’t like the outcome and would certainly admonish him. I had an audio recording which Proves the GAL perjured himself in his report. I offered the audio along with a certified transcript of the same attached to my grievance. Instead of admonishing the GAL.. the court shared my entire case file with every judge on the bench (I have a letter from one of the judges telling me she did this) This Judge wrote in her letter to me that all the judges agree they don’t like the States GAL Grievance policy (which requires them to suspend the GAL) and they admit they don’t have one of their own and they will be putting one in place as a result of my grievance. Now, I ask you. If the State requires a procedure and has established specific policies and a Court thinks they don’t have to honor it…where can the people go to find justice?

    I am not done with this battle. I will continue to fight. The Courts themselves are not above the Law and will be held accountable. GALs can not perjure themselves. Judges cannot write their own Laws when the ones written don’t suit their fancy. In the meantime, I advise everyone… RECORD ALL COMMUNICATION!! Tell the GAL you are Recording. Make sure they know they can not lie. Save yourself some hassle- keep them honest. Every cellphone has recording ability.. .you don’t have to have money or anything special. Simply RECORD RECORD RECORD. It is what is saving me and my child.

    1. PJ says:

      May I ask who your GAL was?

      1. EKspozKitsap says:

        Charles W. Stevenson Kitsap County Washington.
        My investigation has revealed JW as another that should not be trusted. It doesn’t matter- everyone needs to record every time they talk to anyone who wants their kids. The corruption isn’t just peppered; it is fully rooted and taking over the system everywhere in America. Apparently it pays well to be a corrupt child investigator.

        1. nope noway says:

          Are you still fighting this fight? JW lied in court on the record stating her “facts” of police reports and ATF reports, I didnt speak up that day only because I knew I was getting my kids back 3 days later. the day after court I had a meeting with dcyf and she attended and brought it up again, at that point i told her she’s either a lier or cant read. I had (still have) all the police reports, witness report, and ATF reports. She’s not an attorney however told my son she was his laywer. there is so much more its absurd .

    2. william zhao says:

      I need the legal verbage to get a recording admitted. Please tell me how to do that. Thanks!

      1. EKspozKitsap says:

        I can try to help. I need to know the relationship of you and the person recorded. Where it was recorded and how it was recorded.

        1. william zhao says:

          Can I call you or email instead of posting that on the website? Thanks!

          1. EKspozKitsap says:

            send the information to my email backyardswamp at g mail dot com

    3. Mallnut says:

      My state is a one-party consent recording state. If I am the one doing the recording then, I consent and it should therefore be my legal right to do so. However, most attorneys and judges discourage recording without the other parties’ consent because they don’t know the laws themselves. So it’s up to you to police them and just keep abiding by your rights.

      1. EKspozKitsap says:

        Record it. Its legal. Let them deal with your truth instead of you dealing with their lies.

    4. Alaxandria Von Hell says:

      Please contact me!!! I am in Washington state too. I recorded a GAL interview with my son and offered the transcript to the court AFTER the GAL perjured himself and and wrote a false report. The audio proved what he said was a lie. The Judge threw it out, accused me of a crime in recording the GAL. My case is on appeal and was already on appeal when this happened. I need to know how you got the evidence admitted.

    5. Alaxandria Von Hell says:

      a few seconds ago
      Please contact me!!! I am in Washington state too. I recorded a GAL interview with my son and offered the transcript to the court AFTER the GAL perjured himself and and wrote a false report. The audio proved what he said was a lie. The Judge threw it out, accused me of a crime in recording the GAL. My case is on appeal and was already on appeal when this happened. I need to know how you got the evidence admitted.

    6. Zoey Smith says:

      Hi. I am in a very similar situation and would like suggestions. I have records, emails, documents, etc that are being ignored and my concern is my young son. I am being told to not file grievance, BAR association for not providing billing detail, or the media until this completed. Any advice would be appreciated.

      1. EKspozKitsap says:

        The one thing I regret more than anything else is waiting until my matter was closed to file a grievance. Once the matter is closed its difficult (impossible) to get anything out where the public can see it, and maybe help you. They will bury your grievance so deep.. .you won’t know where to dig. I suggest you file a grievance asap for no other reason than to get it in Public Record. They don’t want the public to know how bad it is. If you look at other comments you can find my contact info if you want more info about what I would not do. But number one is definitely file a complaint whjile your case is still open… get it where public can see. If the public can see it they cant bury it, then you might stand a chance. Let me know if I can do anything to help.

        1. Tracy says:

          How do I file a grievance against my GAL in Montana? I filed a motion to remove her and included her HORRIBLE reviews. The judge kept her and now she wants to hurt my children and my relationship with them and recommending they go to my abusive ex husband whom I have therapists notes stating they have been sexually harmed. She further stated that I have coached my children to say things about their Father than aren’t true. She is trying to force me to have the children in care with her colleague GAL with a counselor license. Help, she is trying to destroy my kids lives.

  14. Tanya althoff says:

    My son and his current wife have two children and my son has joint Custody of my two older grandchildren with their mother pss services were ordered my two older grandchildren got placed in states custody to be living with their mother which is where I believe they should be, The judge appointed a guardian ad litem and she met with the children once she will not talk to anybody else in the family she will only talk to the caseworker only she has not had an interview with mom, dad, step mom, or me nobody. she’s talked to the children for maybe 15 minutes each one time, supposedly my granddaughter said something to her that made her believe that I was emotionally harming them somehow, she won’t say what it is but now she has restricted me from seeing my grandchildren they are very upset about it my grandson is showing major emotional issues now because of it they are very close to me and now she says I can’t even see them, I can’t even go to public place and watch his baseball games how can she do this ? what can I do ?

  15. Mallnut says:

    Needing help in impeaching a GAL that’s gone rogue and is siding with my abusive ex husband. She never observed me with the children and visited the father’s residence the day before trial, over a month after I notified her of the horrendous condition of the father’s residence. The case is in Shannon County, Missouri. There is only one lawyer in town and that is my ex husband’s attorney. They gave him sole custody based on his lies about me. They’ve even gone as far as tampering with the psychological evaluation to skew the results that support his lies. My attorney from outside that county cannot (or is unwilling) to get a change of venue or impeach the judge or GAL. I don’t know where to go from here and I’m becoming part of the statistic of fit parents who are losing custody due to hearsay.

  16. Mallnut says:

    Has anyone gone to appellate court? Please post how I can prepare as I’m on the last leg of the trial before the decision is finalized and I’m certain it will not go in my favor. It went from me having full custody during the school year and the father gets kids during summer to reversing that to me only having kids during the summer break and 10 days at Christmas. I moved back to the state to get more custody and they’ve taken all of my custody away and gave sole custody to the father. The GAL is allowing me to see the kids for 2 hours while supervised with the father without seeing the results of his psych eval. Should I write a letter to the GAL and ask her to observe me with the children or do a home study before the final decision? That way, the information for appeals is in the record and they can decide that the GAL acted improperly. My attorney is not going to follow the above advice of this article.

  17. Susan Fortner says:

    I am getting a divorce. My husband found out how much would have to be paid out for our children. So a Guardian was appointed, he said he wanted off the case because no Guardian was needed in a simple Case. Next thing I know a new Guardian was appointed. She was rude to me, ask me personal questions, and said “do you think your husband had a affair? I said yes, she ask her name. She started to put down her name then she tosses her pen and with a smile she says “he is not having a affair with her ” I asked how do you know? She said she is my best friend. So she demands me to get meds, have drug test, she takes my daughter for NO reason. I had no idea why she was so mean to me. Guess what? She is my husbands girlfriends best friend! I guess that’s a conflict you think?

  18. Tom Melograno says:

    How To Order Court Transcripts in SC

    1. When the attorney who thinks he/she won in your emergency hearing finally gets around to drawing up a court order, note the court reporter assigned to the hearing.

    2. Go to the Clerks of Courts office in person and request the contact information of that court reporter.

    3. Send your request for the transcripts via UPS and/or FedEx so you have a tracking number to confirm delivery since most still use a PO Box. Include your email in your request as some may contact you and expedite the process. They will inform you the cost of expedited transcripts based on the number of pages.

    4. Send a money order and request UPS and/or FedEx to scan for you records. Send money order via UPS and/or FedEx to confirm delivery.

    5. Inform the court reporter of your steps to ensure your transcripts are processed correctly and not being shared with those not intended. Like the opposing attorney. Yeah, that is right.

    6. Court orders are final however are not always inline with the direction the judge gave during your hearing. Keeps everyone in the process honest since lying in family court is not frowned upon. Why I prefer criminal courts since it is fact based, no opinion.

    Example: I ordered my transcripts on Thursday morning and delivery was confirmed on Friday. The process takes 7 days via USPS. Fortunately my assigned court reporter understands technology and knows how to convert to a PDF doc and send via email. My expectations are that my transcripts will be in my inbox no later than 7/28/2017. Let’s wait and see.

  19. Brandi Nicole Killingbeck says:

    My lawyer and I both believe the guardian ad litems report on my case was completely bias. I later found out that the guardian ad litem’s daughter-in-law was my teacher in high school. But my lawyer is no longer on my case because she moved to a different state. Wouldn’t this be conflict of interest and shouldn’t the guardian have not taken my case?

  20. Angela Dickinson says:

    Im in need of some understanding, there is a court-appointed gal in South Carolina family court. I Am pro se and the other party has a $20,000 lawyer. Ironically we had to take a parental fitness test we started February 2017. Well a lot of things happened and the official report was almost completely blank on my ex and rather terrible about me. The little bubble test I had showed i scored better than 98% of other parents while my ex had a 94% chance of neglect and abuse in a certain area of the test.

    Well I spent from April until August 2017 providing the gal with Missed information, police reports, etc. The fitness evaluator actually copied and pasted my ex’s affidavit and called it true. The fitness evaluator’s interpretation of Court implied I kidnapped my children. The GAL agreed with the report despite just a copy paste of affidavits and an incorrect knowledge of court documents despite her being a lawyer herself.

    Well I did enough digging and found out that the evaluator is a major Criminal from Pennsylvania. Just this week I was able to uncover she was embezzling money from the nonprofit organization up in North Charleston and more than likely pocketing are parental fitness test money I paid her.

    I used to be a nonprofit auditor and had to do an interview with the FBI two years ago in regards to a major fraud at a firehouse in Hollywood South Carolina. I believe she might have worried I was going to uncover her fraud and messed with me big time in April and May.. Well middle June I guess the organization found out her crimes and now she is on the Run.

    Despite all this the gal Sue Groff did not listen to me one time and now almost the entire trial is over yet the gal had so much information to acknowledge the fact that the reports were bogus.

    On top of that the gal promised verbally to look into my children’s medical records on five or six occasions that I have the date but it was verbal. She never did this and always claimed her cap was to maxed out. This caused me to believe since January a suture was stuck in my son’s testicle. I begged her to look into it and she said she would but never did.
    Last week I had to stay I’m going to call DSS on XYZ day if I don’t get an answer. Well I found out my ex took my son to a different doctor and didn’t tell anyone back in January. The only reason he did this was to mess with me. If the GAL investigated any medical abuse I alleged 6 months ago we would have known the kids’ dad was hiding this out of cruelty.

    If the GAL knew the report was wrong, knew of unresloved medical issues but did nothing for six months can I use this to impeach her? Can I use this to sue in small claims for intentional infliction of emotional distress?

    Oh and in her letter about the fitness test she stated she needed xyz medical records but never followed through getting those records. My ex provided none. Now he’s going to get child support from me since thr case hasnt moved in months.

  21. Incognito says:

    Is it permissible for a GAL to divulge the persons on one sides witness list and their actual testimony? If not, please advise what can be done about this?

  22. EKspozKitsap says:

    In doing some research; through FOIA requests, I’ve gathered some documents about investigative practices of some CASA volunteers involved in Dependency proceedings. There is some question about whether the following scenarios are generally accepted practice of CASA Volunteers and I would really appreciate any responses:

    1) Would it be appropriate for a CASA volunteer to call 911 to report a parent driving without insurance- as child endangerment? This call might include providing information to dispatch about the current location they are driving and ask for a call back if they are able to “pick up” the parent for driving without insurance?

    2) In the scenario of question #1: Would it be reasonable when reporting to 911 to inform them that the person they are reporting is in a dependency matter and identify the child by name in that matter?

    3) Assuming #1 and #2 are acceptable practice- is it reasonable to make that call to 911 as the parent (and child) is leaving the courthouse just after having received their “reunification certificate” from the Judge?

    4)When is the CASA volunteer considered ‘dismissed’ from the case?

    5) Is it appropriate for a CASA volunteer to park on the street outside the family’s home from time to time without an appointment and without contacting anyone at the home?

  23. Blu says:

    They know everything is false accusations but they don’t investigate them at all. They other party works for the courts they favor them not even investigate none of the information that has no proof at all especially if the child is being coached by the party who works for the courts

  24. Kevin says:

    As noted by several parents in April through July 2016 (see “older comments” link) Steven Ellis, a guardian in Kansas, is terrible. If he is suggested in your case, ask for somebody better, someone who does the job well, not as a hack, like Ellis.

    As the multiple comments indicate, Steven Ellis is mainly concerned with collecting a guardian fee. This is noted repeatedly. The comments also indicate the Ellis does inadequate investigation, ignores issues expressed by parents, provides no value, is not even handed, is busy with other jobs, favors mothers, allows one parent to alienate the other, and most significantly, is not concerned with the welfare of children. As one commentator wrote, Ellis “says what the judge wants him to say.” (See comment by Ethical Dad on April 22, 2016.) Parents are advised to avoid this guardian.

  25. Shannon says:

    After a judge deems you fit and not a danger can a GAL just side with the ither parent and sign iff on supervised visitation without a court order for no reason?

  26. Dawnisha Carpenter says:

    We are having a major problem with our GAL our 9 year old is still having his genitals washed by his mother and grandfather after repeatedly being asked to stop. They admitted to the GAL that they do it and she asked them to stop also. Never followed up to see if they actually stopped. She came to our home once for 20 minutes charged us for 2 hours and has all these ungodly fees already that we never agreed to we are already in debt with our lawyer. We have asked her several times to follow up because they are still washing him and telling him to keep it a secret from us. She has never bothered to follow up even after numerous emails from us saying they are still doing it that our son even says so. The only communication we have with this lady is hey you have an outstanding balance several times a month and even after being told they are still doing this she never reported suspected abuse to DSS. We had to do it and they all said she should’ve been the one to report it not us. Please please please help us. We are desperate. This is weighing so heavy on our hearts. We don’t know what to do because our lawyer and the GAL are “friends” and she won’t change the GAL for us.

  27. carla isenhoward says:

    i had a private action custody case in 2019. while waiting to get in to court to get temp custody of my teenage daughter from the grandmother, the grandmother sent my childs fathers boss to my home. i wasnt comfortable w my daughter being around the 32 yr old man, bnecause i had proof he was trying to get his ex wifes 15 yr old niece to meet him at motel, said he had plenty of weed as he sent naked photos of himself to this child. when he came tio my home, he took off w my daughter and i couldnt do anythingbuntil i saw a judge and got signature. i was awarded temp custody and was to get my daughter back from this man asap even if law enforcement was to be called. i had to bcallb law because when he found ihad temp order of custody, he went n took my daughter from softball pratice and took off w her. it then became a kidnapping charge. he was got 3 days later. when in court to be granted full custody, this man walked in my dfamily court hearing to be a third party intervener. he is no relation at all, proven by pics of him trying to get a 15 yr old in hotel to get hi and his criminal record was mind blwing…. would you believe the judge allowed himmto be part of the private action but at same tikme, my child taken in to emergency protective custody by dss. i was a victim of his kidnapping of my child, he should not been able to come near me if i was protected by law. i had to pay 250.00 an hour for appointed guardian by court. dss held myt bdaughter , put her in gtroup home but couldnt find anything on me… i was referred to take classes on my feelings. what a joke. before dss closed case ther GAL i had paid,couldnt be used because 365 day rule because dss held it up a year. after dss finally closed case i started another privateaction case and GAL appointed, she talked w me once my daughter once. i paid a $1000 for her and now she has quit the case. my vattorney doesnt have anyn advice forn me on getting money back or anything. its more to all this but this is a small summary… i just need help. the system has failed me and my daughter. and no one seems to know or care on what to do… the man who took my childn is currently behind bars for revocation of bond for kidnapping….. someone please help…advice , anythingb at this point would be helpful. this has been a nightmare for 2 and ahalf years..

  28. Yvette says:

    Thu, Jan 20 at 9:55 AM

    Good Morning,

    I am writing to you because I am at a complete loss in how to help my son.
    Let me explain, my son River is blessed with Downe Syndrome and has had guardianship paperwork filed on him when he was 17 yrs. old in the Cumberland County Probate Court fraudulently.

    None of us on our side of the family were notified even though it is required by the probate court.

    I have filed paperwork to terminate the guardian he has now because of the dishonesty, Rivers lack of care, not to mention our side of the families visitation was severed over night over a tax situation.

    We have not seen River in almost 10 months, with no explanation from us.

    We are not allowed to call him, see him, or visit him.

    The saddest part about all of this is the guardian actually stated on the guardianship paper work that River is incompetent.

    River is not incompetent and DESERVES A VOICE like everyone else.

    I have contacted Disability Rights of Maine, Ombudsman, Civil Rights in Boston, Human Rights in Maine, The Maine Parent Federation, DHHS Adult Protective Services etc.

    None of these programs can help, it seems River falls in the cracks of Family Court and Adult Probate Court.

    I was actually told by the Judge that all the 18yrs. worth of documents from Family Court are not enforceable in Probate Court.

    The Judge refused any type of visitation saying I he did not even know if I had legal rights to him.

    River is not an object to have legal rights too, he is an 18 yr. old young man that deserves to make his own choices in life.

    Yet he is not allowed to make even the basic choices in life, the self-determination recommended is non-existent for him at this point.
    Ok, back to what the Judge said, it was not easy to understand how 18yrs. worth of documents mean absolutely nothing???

    That said I filed an emergency hearing motion and a request for an attorney and was told by Michelle in probate in an email that these motions would be addressed during the hearing on Nov. 3rd, sadly they were not.

    The motions are being ignored by the judge.

    Michele one of the probate clerks advised that I needed to file something with the judge to get my motions dealt with.

    That said she will not tell what I need to file.

    I have had several meeting with attorneys to retain but none of them want the case.

    One attorney stated that Probate Judges were elected, so they answer to no one and that Probate Court is like the Wild West.

    Another attorney stated that she would not do a contested guardianship case in Probate court with “that Judge”, I do not even know what that means and frankly it terrifies me.

    Several other Attorneys respectfully declined the case saying they were too busy, yet that was not the case before they heard the details.

    This is not just another case in court, this will determine Rivers future for the rest of his life.

    What you do not know is that his guardian now (his other mother) refused services from age 4-11.

    She was struggling with drug use in the home and refused to let anyone come into the home to help River.

    She also refused to take him for service outside the home.

    This has resulted in River being many years behind the average young adult’s his age.

    River is non-verbal yet brilliant, he cannot even wipe his own butt.

    He would come to my (mamas) house every week with fecal matter in his underwear.

    He cannot even properly groom himself.

    I begged the school and his other mother for sign language classes (that I already started with River and was forced to stop by her) and hygiene assistance, I was ignored by all.

    I even prepared her taxes so River could get benefits, which he did get service because of the taxes I prepared for DHS.

    River is not allowed to have a communication board, a cell phone or access to an email out of his home or even at home now.

    This is done so he cannot tell anyone what is happening in his home.

    He was actually put in Spring Harbor and medicated while they went on vacation.

    Let me explain the Spring Harbor situation.

    River was bullied, abused, dragged, restrained, put in his room for hours, put to bed without dinner.

    This was so horrible that I was called over to assist dozens and dozens of times to break him and his other mother apart from each other because he started “fighting back”.

    Please understand our side of the family did NOT have the physical issue’s because we did not treat him the way they did, we did not abuse him, we gave him choices and a voice, so he thrives with us,

    Children that are bullied bully back, no one wanted to listen to us.

    River has a GAL now, which took an act of God to get.

    That said the GAL is not trained or has any experience with special needs young adults.

    That said apparently Rivers guardian now is spreading rumors that I am not his mother, that I was a paid surrogate, I have a drug problem and I have mental issues.

    What is so confusing is that she has accused me dong many things over the years but in all the court proceedings for the last 15 years there has never ever been any accusations like that.

    Unfortunately she is grasping for anything to justify her behavior and treatment towards River.

    I can prove all this with Rivers medical records and IEP’s from his school but no one wants to see them or listen to me.

    The crazy part about that is the month before our visitation was completely severed I had River for almost half the month of April.

    Unfortunately because I am so passionate and emotional about getting River a VOICE and the assistance to bridge the gap from what he knows to what he will be able to do with the proper tools, I am constantly perceived as aggressive not assertive etc.

    River has a family support navigator waiting for him along with a peer support group.

    We were not even allowed to see or talk to River on Christmas or his 19th birthday, I cannot even imagine what he must be thinking, where did we all go, where is his Mama? (meaning me)

    We have a hearing coming up in appx.30 days in Probate Court and I desperately need an attorney, I do not have the legal tools, legal knowledge to ensure River gets a VOICE…..
    We have recently received the GAL report, he stated I was surrogate, I have no right to my son, he never even met with me or my son in our home. What he has done should punishable and include jail time. He has a duty to protect River yet admitted in court and in his report that he cannot understand or communicate with my son.

    Kind Regards,

    Yvette Marie Cote

  29. Julie says:

    I am also in Cumberland County and going through a similar kind of hell. My daughter is autistic and a family has taken her from me and has applied for guardianship of her. Please contact me. We need to do something to stop this insanity here. I am currently writing out a complaint against the gal that was assigned to my daughters case. People need to hear what is happening. I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Melissa Maestas says:

      Please contact me 854-444-0776. I have done extensive research and am NOT an attorney but gained significant knowledge and believed in the system also. We all need to support each other and I have a long unbelievable journey to share that may help others. I have been through hell with a corrupt GAL and court who illegally took my daughter away from me based on NO evidence and gave custody to my abusive mentally Ill estranged mother on false allegations that I proved to be perjury 2 years ago. My child has been abused and neglected and traumatized for years now and I have fought with my husband to save her. The corruption is truly disgusting and shameful. I have personally injury attorneys waiting to take over once I can get the family case closed but nobody wants to listen, do their job or follow the law. The case is in Colleton County South Carolina. Happy to discuss with anyone or offer what assistance I am able to!

  30. Beloved of God says:

    I was the third woman seeing a judge in Walla Walla County on the same day begging for her children. First two had full custody and a family member kidnapped the child. The judge assigned a GAL and gave limited supervised visitation to the competent and loving full custody mothers. My custody of the children was taken away on false allegations by my still current husband. Two years still not divorced and still under supervised visitation and kicked out of my house. Order suspending my access to our finances because of more false accusations. I didn’t even have a speeding ticket before my husband hatched this plan to start over with a new girlfriend.
    Enough is Enough
    When two agree on earth God promises to do it.
    Lord Jesus Christ,
    Please allow justice and mercy and Your Commandments to reign again in the courts. Please have all counties put back in place their Biblical standard of the Ten Commandments within the Courthouse walla so there will be truth and justice for all. May the judges, GALs and court Administrative staff that don’t want to obey the laws be removed Lord. May there be a great cleansing of our laws and court personnel so that once again the peace would return and evil would be punished.
    In Jesus Name and in the Power of Jesus Blood Amen Amen

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