Charleston’s daily paper wins Pulitzer Prize for series on domestic violence

Posted Monday, April 20th, 2015 by Gregory Forman
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On April 20, 2015, the Charleston Post and Courier won the 2015 gold medal for public service, the most prestigious of the Pulitzer Prize awards for journalism, for the paper’s series on domestic violence, “Till Death Do Us Part.” Among the P&C journalists sharing this award is a friend, Glenn Smith, whose reporting on the Citadel sexual abuse coverup I have blogged about previously.

This award is a remarkable honor for our local paper and these local journalists. The series that garnered this award highlights the problem of domestic violence in South Carolina, which, in 2013, had the highest rate of women killed by their male domestic partners of any United State. Meanwhile legislation designed to combat this problem remains stalled in our state legislature due to “concerns” over gun rights.

How ironic that a blight on our state has led to an honor for our local paper and these journalists.

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