Where’s my time machine?

Where’s the time machine that a sizable portion of family law clients, and potential clients, think I have? My colleagues inform me that their clients also believe they have a time machine. If I own a time machine I’d really love to find it. I’m sure my family law colleagues feel likewise.

How else to explain so many family court litigants’ fixation on the past–particularly what they perceive of as past injustices. I am capable, as are most good family law attorneys, of taking the facts and circumstances that then exist and advocating for my clients in the present. What I cannot do is turn back time, do things that should have been done (or prevent things from happening that shouldn’t have happened), and fix the past. I am amazed anyone thinks I (or any attorney) can. Yet, with so many clients, the fixation on remedying the past remains. Even when redirected to focus on the present, they keep going back in time.

If I had a time machine, I doubt I would use it to remedy these client injustices. It’s fun to speculate what one might do if one had a time machine? Assassinate Hitler? Warn Lincoln? Buy lots of Apple and Amazon stock? More seriously, perhaps I would undo some of the harm I’ve caused loved ones. Or simply relive some of my life’s best experiences. All I know is that I had the ability to travel through time, I wouldn’t use it to practice family law.

Yet my clients persist in demanding I go back in time and fix things they want fixed. Perhaps if I ever clear the clutter from my office I will find that time machine.

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