Thirty years a lawyer

Posted Friday, December 10th, 2021 by Gregory Forman
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Today marks the 30th anniversary of my admission to the Pennsylvania bar, where I practiced for nine months before moving to Charleston, South Carolina, and where I remain on non-resident active status.

Thoughts? Humbled by the thousands of individuals who trusted me with their legal problems. Proud of the work I’ve done helping these clients and assisting younger attorneys develop their own law practices. But primarily old.

I attended the Charleston County Bar’s annual holiday party last night. There I schmoozed with a number of attorneys I have known 25 years or more, including a close friend who was instrumental in me opening my practice 28 years ago. When we attended these parties in the 1990’s we were among the younger members of the bar; now we’re the elders–as the grey hairs and slightly bowed bodies cruelly remind us. My brain may convince me I’m youthful but the gym and my increased need for naps demonstrate otherwise.

Still thirty years of being a lawyer seems worth commemorating, if only because this is the last year I will have to meet the South Carolina Bar’s annual legal education requirements.

14 thoughts on Thirty years a lawyer

  1. James Fletcher Thompson says:

    Congratulations Greg. You are a credit to the profession. Jim

  2. Chris Hawver says:

    Congratulations! I greatly appreciate everything you did for me!

  3. Damon Paradise says:

    Congratulations. I don’t know what I would have done without your expertise. Very professional and straight to the point. I know this is a very frustrating and demanding career and I commend you on being one of the best.

  4. Chris Daigle says:

    Congratulations, Greg!

  5. Edward Kronsberg says:

    Congratulations my friend! I have known you, admired you, and been educated for 29 of those years, and now kept current by your e-mail/blog . Thank you for all you have done for so many young, and older, family law attorneys.

  6. Joe Mendelsohn says:

    Congratulations. I hung it up after 54 years a lawyer and 41 years as a Municipal
    Never had a day that I didn’t want to go.
    Hang in there till it’s no longer fun or a challenge
    You have done well so far
    JoeMendelsohn .

  7. It is not the length of your admission but your contributions to your clients, the bar, and our legal system that are substantial and memorable. With all the good you have done, your greatest legacy will be the assistance you have given other lawyers. I celebrated my own thirtieth anniversary on October 3, 1998.

  8. MJ Goodwin says:

    Congrats. Are you 60 already? If not, I think you still have to do the CLEs.

    1. I will be 60 before the 2022-23 reporting period ends.

  9. Deborah Wright says:

    Congratulations Greg. I appreciate your work for all of us. I read your blog and learn much from it. I’m continuing the practice too. Most days I want to do it. I’ve been practicing longer than you. This morning I thought about fudging my age.
    Deborah Wright

  10. Lee S Forman says:

    Greg congratulation on your law career all of your accomplishments. You have every reason to be proud of all you have done for your clients and the legal community. I can see from the replies of many of your peers how well you are respected.

    Know that I love you and are and always have been proud of you.


  11. Kathleen Ferri says:

    Congratulations, Greg!! It’s really just getting fun now!! I’m right behind you at 28 years, but who’s counting? Kathleen Ferri

  12. Vanisa Siler says:

    Congratulations! Thanks for offering your knowledge to new lawyers such as myself.

  13. Congratulations Greg! I’m not an attorney but your guidance and patience have helped the mental health practitioner many times. Thanks.

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