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Posted Friday, October 14th, 2022 by Gregory Forman
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Porch, liking a blog I did on the occasion of my thirtieth wedding anniversary in 2019, invited me to contribute to a series, Newlyweds and Couples Moving In Together – Experts’ Advice, on the topic of “What would you advise a newlywed couple for a long-lasting and satisfying marriage?”  My contribution is midway through.

While my bride has a mental health professional background, I’m simply a lawyer who’s been in counseling a lot—and needed it.  That someone finds me a marriage expert is as unlikely as the lone person who once told me I was modest. Most of the folks offering advice have much better credentials than I do.

But opinionated I am and I have an opinion—easy to explain; hard to do—on how to make marriage (or any relationship) work: be kind.

4 thoughts on I’m a marriage expert

  1. Stacey Tunstill says:

    Works in all relationships.

  2. Kathleen Ferri says:


  3. Physicists know that very simple answers are the only ones capable of being both true and useful. “Be kind” is about perfect in that direction! Good job.

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