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Weiner v. Wu

I thought our culture was acting silly when it forced Congressman Anthony Weiner from office for twittering his junk to a 30 year old woman and then lying about it.  However, Congressman David Wu’s recent resignation after it was disclosed he had a sexual encounter with an 18 year old girl is just.  I base […]

Dan Savage on the virtues of infidelity

An interesting piece in tomorrow’s New York Times Sunday Magazine, Married, with Infidelities, highlights my favorite relationship advice columnist, Dan Savage, and his views on marriage and monogamy. In his relationship column, Savage Love, Dan observes many of the same problems with contemporary marriage that I see in my divorce practice: the tensions and conflicts […]

Don’t raw dog a random

I actually read my favorite sex advice columnist, Dan Savage of Savage Love, out of professional interest: many of my divorce and custody clients have “interests” that I would otherwise be unaware of.  It’s helpful to know what these clients are talking about–often ashamed about–when we discuss their case. Savage is a sex columnist for […]

Perverts versus pedophiles: Can the South Carolina family court tell the difference?

I happily represent a number of parents in family court whom the general population would label perverts.   Perhaps this is a result of my growing up in what may have been the most sexually accepting bourgeois society in American history (the San Fernando Valley in the late 1970’s: think Boogie Nights).  There’s a tremendous […]


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