Court of Appeals affirms award of stepmother custody and grandparent visitation

March 17, 2022

In the March 16, 2022 opinion in Jacobs v. Zarcone, 436 S.C. 170, 871 S.E.2d 211 (Ct.App. 2022), the Court of Appeals affirms an award

De Facto Custodian rights are more valuable than Grandparent Rights

November 24, 2021

Given the phone calls I receive from prospective clients, it appears that many more folks are aware of the concept of grandparent rights than they

The interaction of the De Facto Custodian statute and the Moore factors

June 13, 2019

There are numerous recurring issues in South Carolina family law that ultimately will need to be resolved by our appellate courts. One of the more

Two recent interesting unpublished family law opinions

August 10, 2017

I rarely blog about unpublished opinions because even when they are interesting, and even when they should have been published, they rarely do anything other

Does the De Facto Custodian statue limit or implicitly overrule Moore v. Moore?

February 3, 2017

Comments from attorneys and litigants who’ve made this argument are most welcome Moore v. Moore, 300 S.C. 75, 386 S.E.2d 456, 458 (1989) is the