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The lunacy of the restraint against “exposing the children to members of the opposite sex, unrelated by blood or marriage, overnight ”

A common restraint in South Carolina family court orders involving custody or visitation with minor children is a restraint against “exposing the children to members of the opposite sex, unrelated by blood or marriage, overnight.”  South Carolina family court culture does not approve of non marital sexual activity and these restraining orders are the court’s […]

Don’t raw dog a random

I actually read my favorite sex advice columnist, Dan Savage of Savage Love, out of professional interest: many of my divorce and custody clients have “interests” that I would otherwise be unaware of.  It’s helpful to know what these clients are talking about–often ashamed about–when we discuss their case. Savage is a sex columnist for […]

Education & teen pregnancy

Anyone who practices family law–and anyone who simply observes our culture–sees the overwhelming correlation between human misery and folks having children they are not emotionally or financially capable of parenting.  Reducing teen pregnancy would ameliorate a range of social problems. Two recent articles in our local newspaper, the Charleston Post & Courier, highlight the issues […]

Perverts versus pedophiles: Can the South Carolina family court tell the difference?

I happily represent a number of parents in family court whom the general population would label perverts.   Perhaps this is a result of my growing up in what may have been the most sexually accepting bourgeois society in American history (the San Fernando Valley in the late 1970’s: think Boogie Nights).  There’s a tremendous […]

What do Women Want?

Sigmund Freud spent much of his career seeking an answer to the question “Was will das Weib?”  (translation “What does a woman want?”).  As a husband of twenty years, with two daughters, and as an attorney watching my clients struggle with this same question, I tend to enjoy contemplating and reading on the topic.  Often […]

Less adultery = more divorce?

While many in our culture believe contemporary folks wallow in sin, merely from the fact that women in our culture expect greater respect than they might have expected fifty or one hundred years ago makes me believe that the amount of male infidelity is actually declining over time.  The multiple and long-term affairs of Franklin […]

Family law’s massive sociological experiment(s)

Last night, while driving to the birthday party of my friends’ son, I was speaking on the phone to one of my oldest and dearest friends (the best man at my wedding).  He lives in Northern California, where he has custody of his two children from a first marriage.  He also has a license from […]

For Better or Worse?

Any bride-to-be who expects that her intended will be satisfied with once-a-week vanilla sex is either too young or naive to get married.  We men are strange creatures.  Yet the family courts seem fixated on men’s innocuous sexual peccadillos in deciding custody and alimony.  Many a forensic computer examiner remains gainfully employed under the theory […]


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