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I’ve got new plans for Valentine’s Day

The parade of human misery passing by judges dealing with marital disputes must lead many to despair.  The rare tales of a judge doing something creative to resolve these disputes are often amusing.  Consider the Florida judge who finding a husband’s domestic violence towards his wife to be “very, very minor,” sentenced him to take […]

Should separation be required for a separate maintenance action?

In April 2011, the South Carolina Supreme Court heard oral argument in the case of Eileen Frances Theresa Busto Theisen v. Clifford Richard Theisen.  According to the Supreme Court’s roster of cases, the issue in this appeal is “whether physical separation is a pre-requisite for a party to receive separate maintenance and support.”  Since Supreme […]

President Obama: Marriage Counselor

If Barack Obama loses the 2012 presidential election, I think the man may have found his next calling: marriage counselor.  As quoted by Maureen Dowd in today’s New York Times: Everybody cannot get 100 percent of what they want. Now, for those of you who are married, there is an analogy here. I basically let […]

A Divorce Lawyer’s Tips for Marriage

From Guest Blogger, Thomas F. McDow: 1. Love each other as you are. Men marry women hoping they will not change. Women marry men expecting them to change. The awful reality is that men do not change and women do. If you think you can make him into a perfect husband, do not marry him […]

Dan Savage on the virtues of infidelity

An interesting piece in tomorrow’s New York Times Sunday Magazine, Married, with Infidelities, highlights my favorite relationship advice columnist, Dan Savage, and his views on marriage and monogamy. In his relationship column, Savage Love, Dan observes many of the same problems with contemporary marriage that I see in my divorce practice: the tensions and conflicts […]

Marriage is like a deck of cards…

Divorce lawyer humor courtesy of Stephen Slotchiver:

He got what he wanted but lost what he had

Little Richard threatened to title his yet-unwritten autobiography, “He got what he wanted but lost what he had,” after his 1962 single of the same name.  Someone should appropriate that title for a memoir of modern Bourgeois marriage.  That title, and the poignant sadness it implies, is the meta theme for much of the literature of Western […]

Ode to optimism

I had the pleasure yesterday of attending the wedding of one of my legal colleagues, Allen Mastantuno, and his new bride, Blair O’Briant.  I’ve gotten to know the new couple the past year after Allen began renting office space in the same suite in which I practice.  Allen and Blair are lovely people: smart, hard […]


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