It is the parent’s job to get along with the teen, not the teen’s job to get along with the parent

October 4, 2020

I handle my share of custody disputes in which a teenager is miserable at my client’s home and my client attempts to explain or justify

Teenagers and weekend visitation

October 4, 2020

For parents who have a minority of custodial time, especially those whose school-year time tends to be concentrated on weekends, the teenage years create new

Why teenagers lie to parents in high-conflict custody cases

May 22, 2020

In a number of my high-conflict custody cases, clients will complain about their teenagers suddenly being secretive, evasive, and, sometimes, downright dishonest about what they

Red lines and teenagers

April 24, 2016

Non-custodial parents of teenagers often complain when the custodial parent doesn’t stop their child from engaging in typical risky teen behavior. One hears stories of

Education & teen pregnancy

November 14, 2010

Anyone who practices family law–and anyone who simply observes our culture–sees the overwhelming correlation between human misery and folks having children they are not emotionally